Eyelash Game, Forever Strong: RapidLash Eyelash Serum Review

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for RapidLash. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I’ve made no bones in the past about my obsession with eyebrows, but never before have I talked in any great length about the eyebrow’s natural partner in crime: eyelashes. The eyelash has always been the favored younger sibling of the beauty world: spoilt rotten with products, always the center of attention. Which is great, because long and lovely eyelashes are perhaps one of the hallmarks of a classically feminine face. But for those of us who aren’t naturally endowed with Jessica Rabbit lashes, even with an extortionately priced mascara and a few tools that wouldn’t look out of place on a surgeon’s sidetable, the effect can often be disappointing.

Enter Rapidlash. Here are the stats: RapidLash is a clinically-proven, paraben-free formula that helps enhance, condition and strengthen lashes and brows. It contains a proprietary mix of biotin, panthenol, peptides, amino acids, and protein to hydrate, protect, stimulate and moisturize. It can be bought over the counter in drugstores such as CVS and Ulta. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, fragrance-free, and safe to use if you use contact lenses. And, of course, it appealed to my ethical side: RapidLash has never been tested on animals. It’s recommended for those who use eyelash extensions (the Hexatein complex in RapidLash provides lashes with nourishment that will replenish what’s been lost by plucking out old extensions), or just anyone who has limp, damaged or dehydrated lashes.

Now here’s my deal. My eyelashes are average, at best. They’re not too short, but they’re pale; a natural redhead, I’m one of those girls who looks a bit like an alien without make-up on (and yes, I was very hesitant to post these before-and-after photos, simply because I have never posted a #nomakeupselfie before). My old go-to method of eyelash care was a bit, erm, wash-and-go: just whack on some mascara and occasionally dye them with an old eyelash/brow dyeing kit. I’d never thought to see if I could improve my eyelash game without make-up. So, for the sake of journalism, I started using RapidLash for six weeks.

One tube lasted me the full six weeks, applied to my top and bottom lashes (some users have, apparently, seen a significant difference in four weeks, but I wanted to try it for longer). The brush looks like a liquid eyeliner brush—in fact, I may clean and dry the old brush out and save it for future eyeliner usage because the point is perfectly fine—and you apply it along the lashline, on clean skin/lashes, once a day (I would typically do this before going to bed). Just one simple application a day, not any more hassle than any of my other daily ablutions. The “Rapid” in RapidLash certainly holds true.

So, six weeks of application (once a day, every day), and here’s the result:

As you can see, upon close inspection, my eyelashes were subtly thicker and enhanced by using this serum. I was expecting a darkening in the shade of the hairs—as I had seen on other RapidLash before/after photos—but for me, the difference was in the overall condition of my lashes. I use mascara almost every day, and I was worried that over time my (once very thick) lashes were starting to lose their good condition, instead becoming steadily more limp and prone to falling out. RapidLash didn’t give me a full set of falsies by any means, but I did notice a difference in the strength of my eyelashes. I’m totally serious when I say that I haven’t accidentally pulled off any lashes whilst, for example, taking my make-up off, in weeks. I was also concerned, before using this product, that my sensitive skin would react in some heinous fashion, but that didn’t happen at all. If I got any drops of product in my eye, I could simply wash it out with water and my eyes were just fine.

Aside from their natural look, it is notable that underneath mascara I noticed a huge difference in how my lashes looked. The effect was a more defined curl and a definite “false lash effect”, even though I didn’t change the mascara I was using (L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes, which I completely recommend, by the way).  The following pictures aren’t edited, and I’ve only used mascara on my eyelashes (no extensions, and no eyelash curler):

I also found that, over time, I stopped wearing so much eyeliner (if any) when I went out, because my lashes alone were dramatic enough.

So, the verdict? I will absolutely continue to use RapidLash for a long time yet—who knows what wonderful things might happen if I use it for longer! There’s really nothing to lose with trying this fabulous serum, especially if you’re used to using eyelash extensions, heated products, lash dye or false lashes. Think of it as much of a necessity as hair conditioner: Sure, your lashes might be clean, but keeping them in top condition should, really, be top of the priority list. And RapidLash gets that.

If you’re interested in trying RapidLash, it can be found at CVS, ULTA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Fred Meyer and Meijer stores … or online at cvs.com, ulta.com, BBB.com, kohls.com, drugstore.com, dermstore.com, skinstore.com, walmart.com and bestbuy.com. Plenty of options, ladies!

Have you ever tried RapidLash, or another eyelash enhancement serum? Tell us your thoughts @litdarling!

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