Five Ways To Wear Your Favorite Flannel

90s kids, rejoice: Flannel shirts have made a comeback and are well stocked on the shelves of all your favorite stores. Maybe you’re content with tying your favorite plaid around your waist. You may also have asked yourself when flannels ever went out of style. I firmly believe they didn’t, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I’m not one of the fashion gods/goddesses making those decisions for the general public (yet). If you want to branch out with the way you style your favorite flannel, there are many interesting ways to do so!

1. Stick with the classic look

For a simple and easy outfit, try this classic flannel combo. Pair your favorite oversized flannel with skinny or cuffed straight leg jeans. Complete the look with simple stacking bracelets, stud earrings, loafers or ballet flats, and your favorite cross body bag.

Casual Flannel

Casual Flannel by amw1018

 2. Add a leather jacket

For an edgier look, button up your favorite flannel and layer a black leather jacket on top. Pair it with black skinny jeans or leggings, simple jewelry, and combat boots. Adding the leather jacket can take this outfit from a daytime to nighttime look with almost no additional effort.


Leather Jacket + Skinny Jeans

3. Pair it with a leather skater skirt

For a fun twist on your favorite night-on-the-town look, try wearing your favorite flannel open like a cardigan over a complementary solid colored crop top. Wear it with a leather skater skirt, tights, knee high boots, and a statement necklace. You can also wear the flannel buttoned and tucked in if you aren’t a fan of crop tops for a similar look. You can replace the skater skirt with a midi skirt if you prefer as well.

Leather Skater Skirt + Crop Top

4. Add your favorite graphic tee

Combine two of your old standbys with this look. Pair your favorite graphic tee with your favorite flannel (again unbuttoned like a cardigan). Add embellished leggings like the ankle-zip leggings pictured below or your favorite skinny jeans. Top it off with statement earrings, ankle boots, and your favorite tote. This outfit is perfect for a date night, a girl’s night out, or just shopping around town.

Flannel + Graphic Tee

5. Layer your favorite vest

With winter in full force, flannel shirts offer the perfect base for a warm layered outfit. Wear your flannel buttoned up underneath a quilted down vest (fur vests may work too). Add your favorite jeans, some simple jewelry, and brown riding boots for this simple and cozy daytime look.

Flannel + Quilted Vest


The next time you find yourself reaching for your trusted, cozy flannel, try one of these outfits instead to spice up your old favorite with a new look!

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