7 Tips For Hosting A Cutesy (Or Classy) Galentine’s Day Party

Galentine's Day

It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, casually dating, or in a relationship—every girl needs a Galentine’s Day. To help you celebrate your best gal pals in your own style, heed these seven tips for hosting a cutesy (or classy, your choice) Galentine’s Day party.

1. Set the mood with the right music and decor.


Cutesy: Take a trip to your local dollar store and stock up on pink and red streamers, tablecloths, helium balloons, and anything else you think you may need. Have this playlist on in the background.

You can even get unique custom-made inflatables for having a memorable time. Get some branded or animal inflatables, or maybe a pink bouncy house to entertain your guests. There are also interactive outdoor game floaties like tossy games or velcro darts for having a more fun time. Anything from your imagination can become reality.

Classy: Look for an affordable bouquet of pretty, white flowers, a few clear vases, and some candles or basic tea lights. Spread them around your dining area, living room, and other high-traffic areas for a clean, classy feel. Have this playlist on in the background.

2. Color-coordinate, then take a group photo.


Cutesy: You guessed it—have your gals don as much pink and red (and polka dots and frills) as possible.

Classy: Ask everyone to wear the classics—black and white. (Or, if you’d like to host something a little more low-key, ask everyone to simply wear something that makes them feel their most beautiful.)

3. Get to their hearts through their stomachs.

Cutesy: Follow Galentine’s Day mastermind Leslie Knope and serve pancakes, no matter the time of day. They’re easy to make, easy to reheat (if needed), and easy to personalize with sprinkles, fruit, nuts, and other toppings. Whatever you do, don’t forget the whipped cream!

Classy: Host your Galentine’s Day in the afternoon and make it a wine-and-cheese party. Buy an assortment of cheeses, ask each guest to bring her favorite bottle of wine, and make sure you have enough glasses on hand for everyone.

4. Play “Dirty Valentine” and exchange gifts.

Cutesy: Give your guests a spending limit, and ask each guest to bring the cutesiest gift she can find. (Suggestions: Bubble bath, fuzzy slippers, heart-shaped chocolates, etc.) Then, exchange gifts the same way you would if you were playing Dirty Santa.

Classy: Same rules apply, but have your guests bring the classiest gift they can find given their spending limit: (Suggestions: A nice clutch, jewelry, a gift certificate to a favorite brunch spot, etc.)

5. Make valentines for your best gals who aren’t at the party.

Cutesy: Buy some construction paper, markers, decorative scissors, glue, and glitter, and make old-fashioned valentines for your best lady friends who aren’t at the party. (And get creative here. Moms, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, faraway friends, your hairdresser, your favorite waitress, and all other lovely ladies in your life are fair game.) Struggling with ideas? Try making one of these mini-zines.

Classy: Step it up a notch and trade your construction paper and glue for an assortment of scrapbook paper, card stock, gel pens, and double-sided tape from your local craft store.

6. Have a movie playing in the background for guests that finish their valentines early.

Cutesy: Any of the Disney princesses will do. (You could also watch Gilmore Girls, because who doesn’t like Gilmore Girls?)

Classy: Any of these classics.

7. Give your gals something to remember the day.

Cutesy: Grab a bouquet or two of carnations (remember the good ol’ days when you’d get these at school?), and give a single flower to each of your guests as they leave.

Classy: Find a bag of luxurious, individually wrapped chocolates (Lindor truffles are the best), and give each guest one or two chocolates for the road.

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