How I Recreated The Fashion Of “How I Met Your Mother”

**Fair Warning: This article contains absolutely no spoilers unless you didn’t know the mother’s name or what she looked like until now. But, come on. The finale of season 8 was in 2012.**

Eleven months ago, TV viewers everywhere went into collective shock when the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” aired. I could rant about it all day, citing my disapproval of certain choices by the show’s creators. But, because I can’t give away the ending, I’ll bite my tongue for now. Anyway, I digress…

I want to discuss the real topic of interest here: gang’s wardrobe and your burning desire to dress exactly like the characters. Oh, yes, you have that desire. It may be repressed, or you may not know it yet, but believe me. It’s coming at you like a female goat on your 31st birthday.

The fashion styles of the six main characters, including The Mother, are each distinctly legendary and give insight to the personalities of the characters themselves. If you’re a fan, get ready to be amazed by the stylist on the set—Reiko Schoenfeld Kurumada—and the phenomenal job she did turning each character’s personality into a unique style. Allow a little room to be impressed with me, also. I mean, come on. I’m giving you the opportunity to fashion your look after your favorite character (disclaimer: my interpretation of each character’s style is for women). But seriously, I made the Polyvores. The entire thing is pretty darn legen – wait for it…

Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor)

Personality traits: Hopeless romantic, intelligent (if not somewhat pretentious), a bit nerdy, and the token “dad” of the group.
Repeated styles: Sweaters, collared shirts, and jeans with blazers.

My interpretation explained: I love that the show’s costume designer gave Ted some dad aspects—jeans with blazers—and honed in on his intellectual side with the sweaters and collared shirts. Most of Ted’s wardrobe go-tos are fairly common for both sexes, so my interpretation of his style was easy to put together. I paired the top (a collared shirt with a sweater-like twist) and jeans with the loafers, satchel (not fanny pack; you’re welcome), and glasses to give the somewhat pretentious, professor vibe. The heart-shaped earrings added the touch of romance that any Ted aspirer would need, but they’re simple to match the wardrobe.


Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders)

Personality traits: Independent, tomboyish, and career-driven.
Repeated styles: Understated and/or solid colors, simple, and practical.

My interpretation explained: Robin isn’t ever seen in high-waisted jeans, but I like this color pattern and the way it goes with the top. If you want to dress like the Canadian beauty, choose understated, dark colors with simple or no texture. Robin’s choices aren’t always this plain, but in general she favors either solids or stripes, so here I opted for a little of both. The sporty blazer is a common look for her, and although she occasionally wears jewelry, I felt that a practical watch and some comfortable shoes were the best match for the Robin vibe. Keep it simple and tomboyish with a touch of femininity, such as lacy shoes or a cinched-waist blazer.


Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segel)

Personality traits: Goofy, “cuddly” (as said by Marshall himself), and tender-hearted.
Repeated styles: Plaid shirts and graphic tees (sometimes underneath plaid shirts).

My interpretation explained: Marshall is almost always seen wearing a tee or a plaid collared shirt (save for when he’s in his lawyer attire), so I added a little of both. If the shirt only said “Minnesota,” it would scream Marshall Eriksen. Despite this, a cotton jersey is the perfect mix of Marshall’s love for comfort and for sports. The cozy plaid hoodie and the scarf give the cuddly appearance, while the Converse shoes and ripped jeans prove that athletic can be stylish. Plus, Marshall always seems to be losing his pants or having them torn to shreds, so the holes really went well here. Overall, choose comfort and warmth; I think anything that gives off an air of “lovable teddy bear” would be just fine.


Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan)

Personality traits: Girly, sweet, and quirky.
Repeated styles: Bright colors, patterns, textures, and statement jewelry.

My interpretation explained: Lily isn’t always dressed in bright patterns and frills, but the look seems to be often repeated and well-loved by the character, whose personality (and name) matches perfectly. I found this cute Lily-inspired top which incorporates a few of her favorite styles: it is brightly colored, floral, and has a little bit of movement to it in the way it flares below the waist. The simple bright pink cardigan offsets the pattern of the top while still maintaining Lily’s sunny personality. The leafy earrings and necklace represent her peaceful nature, and the “Never Judge a Book by its Cover” necklace is perfect for a kindergarten teacher (although any statement jewelry would do). The boots pull it all together—a brightly-colored shoe would have been a bit much, and Lily does seem to favor boots.


Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris)

Personality traits: Womanizer, self-centered, interested in high-class or designer clothes. (Yes, I know he offers more than this; we see Barney’s soft side come out once or twice, but let’s stick with the “awesome” parts, shall we?)
Repeated styles: Suits, suits, and occasionally suit pajamas.

My interpretation explained: A female Barney is so fun to imagine. Where did I want to start? It had to be a suit—I used a pencil skirt and a slightly funky top here because I loved the way it paired, and I believe “Barnette” would be just as interested in the latest fashion trends as in the name brand. I gave her some unique black stilettos, a fancy watch, and a simple black clutch to keep in theme with Barney’s obsession over designer pieces and dressing to the nines. The Barney aspirer would most definitely keep all the essentials in her purse—keep it PG, folks—including makeup needs and, of course, her phone with a picture of a hot guy on the cover. The overcoat would probably be black if it was truly Barney’s, but this wardrobe needed a little color. Blue is still professional and simple, so I think it’s OK here.

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woman in black and white checked mini skirt and brown coat


Tracy McConnell, a.k.a. The Mother (played by Cristin Milioti)

Personality traits: Able to conceive Funny, kind-hearted, original, and well-rounded.
Repeated styles: Patterns, darker colors, sleeveless dresses, and that iconic yellow umbrella.

My interpretation explained: We end the article, as the show did, with the title character unable to make enough of an impression, yet forced to live up to every perfect little detail assumed of her.

Yes, I’m bitter. No, I don’t dislike Tracy.

Her outfits were telling of her personality, of course: She was a sweetheart, as materialized through her clothes’ cute patterns, but she also had a quirky, sarcastic side—for that, the costume designer (and I) diluted the colors a bit and gave her some funky accessories. Tracy was often in sleeveless blue or dark purple tops and dresses, so I gave a Tracy lover something very similar to the bottom right picture with the dress I chose. I paired it with stylish combat boots to show off her quirk. The jacket is reminiscent of the one she wears at the Farhampton train station, but just a little shorter and less waterproof because it won’t always be raining (but bring that bright yellow umbrella just in case). Tracy favors simple jewelry, so I finished off the style with an infinity necklace (aww, because Ted will love her forevs), and some gold pineapple studs (hehe) to finish off the look with a bang.

The research for these looks involved a lot of tedious hours in front of my TV on Netflix, eyes burning, pencil on notepad, crying slightly as I was forced to watch JUST ONE MORE episode so I could really get a feel for the character’s favored styles. It was hard work. It was time-consuming. It wasn’t easy, but I think I got it. I have captured their looks and given them to you, readers, as a gift. Enjoy.

Oh, and IHopeYou’reNotLactoseIntolerantBecauseTheEndOfTheWordIs…dary!


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