The Ultimate Fashion Guide For Tall Girls

[dropcap size=big]L[/dropcap]et’s talk tall girl fashion, my fellow leggy darlings. I’ve been six feet tall, and wearing size 12 shoes, since the middle of eighth grade, so I’m all too familiar with the fact that the fashion struggle is oh so real. Are you continuously getting in trouble for a short hemline (despite your dedicated efforts to do otherwise)? Are you forever squishing your feet into shoes that are a size too small because your feet are big, so you just tell yourself “beauty is pain?” Me too, and god it’s a tough life and, TMI, my toenails are really wacky looking.

So what’s the key to being comfy, fabulous, and flaunting your tall bod with confidence? Luckily, we live in a day and age where more and more companies have tall clothing lines, although cute shoes over the size of 10-11 are still a bit difficult to find (*sad face*). Darlings, look no further than below, for today is your lucky day in the land of the tall.

Save And Invest

Here at Literally, Darling, we frequently encourage you to please, for the love of god, invest in those staple clothing items. Well, for tall ladies that advice is doubly important. If you want to find things that actually fit—you’re going to have to pay more. For example, Banana Republic has a line of blazers for tall women. Are they expensive? Yes. Will you be forever grateful you bought it? Yes, again. Those items that fit well, and can be mixed and matched, will end up actually saving you money in the long run. So save some money away in your piggy bank and then suck it up and lay down the cash.

Tall Blazers



I can’t say this enough—practically nothing is worse than a slouchy tall person. It makes it look like you’re trying to hide, and let’s face it, you’re the one people hide behind. So straighten those shoulders in your short skirt, tall heels, and awesome tops. You look gorgeous.

Check The Hemline On Clothes You’re Buying For Professional Wear

This might seem obvious, but take it from someone who has been burned by the dress code police, check the hemline when you’re standing up AND when you’re sitting down. Turns out employers aren’t the hugest fan of hemlines meandering past mid-thigh, even when you’re sitting down. Unfortunately, our fantastic legs that go on for days draw attention, so you need to be scrupulous about this if you have a strict employer. Needless to say, midi skirts and dresses are your best friends.

Sometimes if your hemline is on the border, adding some tights can mitigate any doubts professionals might have about you. Plus, if we can decorate the rest of our bodies, why not dress up our legs? Yasss, girl.

Textures Tights For Fab Legs



NOTE: Please feel free to go wild with your hemline outside of the professional sphere. Your legs are unarguably fabulous.

Make Sure Your Maxi Skirts Are Actually Maxi

Maybe this is just me, but I believe that if you’re going to wear an item that is clearly meant to be a maxi length, it needs to actually almost hit the floor. The skirts that don’t quite cut it just look so inexplicably awkward, and it’s just not worth it. Your shorter friends might have told you otherwise, but I’m here to tell you that they probably just feel sorry for you. Luckily you have me to tell you the truth.

Rock The Three-Quarter Length Sleeve

We’ve all been there—a shirt fits perfectly but then the sleeves are just not long enough. Do I say to abandon that shirt? I think not! Just shove up the sleeves a little bit and you’ll look adorable. It’ll be our little secret.

Please, DO, Wear Those Sky-High Heels

Every time I wear even moderate-height heels, I have random people in elevators telling me that they admire me for wearing them. The entire time, I’m thinking, 1) “ah yes, I was definitely needing your approval—NOT,” and 2) “Well, I’m already tall so why not embrace it.”

Yes, people love to comment on tall women’s appearances like they’re not there, and wearing heels will always draw additional notice, but don’t let that stop you! I’m taller than manfriend when I wear any sort of heel, and he’s fine with that—and even if he didn’t, who cares! You do you, darling.

Sky-High Heels FTW


NOTE: Please DO wear shoes that are actually your size. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day, and in 10 years.

Online Shopping Has To Be Navigated Very Carefully

If you’ve never bought clothing or shoes from a website or clothing store, then beware. While that dress might look so damn cute on the model, often the waist hits at your boobs and the hemline barely covers your tookus. Sometimes, if there’s a comprehensive sizing chart, you can whip out your tape measurer (because you must have one), and figure things out. But often you’ll find yourself returning things like a mad woman, because, despite all of the reviews from supposedly tall people, it just doesn’t fit. Ahem, Modcloth, I’m looking at you.

That being said, once you find a place that sells clothing and shoes you know fits you, don’t ever let it go. Stalk those sales like they’re triple chocolate cake, and stock up on the items you love. For example, my primary source for business casual clothing is LOFT, because they have tall sizes that fit me, and amazeballs sales.

On the other hand, I was really excited about finding my shoe size on Just Fab and Sole Society, so I figured I’d give them a shot (desperate times). Yes, they were my size, but emphatically no, they were not comfortable or the right width (in addition to my large shoe size I have very narrow feet).


Check Out These Places For Clothes And Shoes

American Eagle – bless this place.


ASOS – I adore the majority of the clothing on this site. Some of them are kinda weird though.


J.Crew – classy, preppy, and oh so fashionable.

See Also
photo of two teal and pink leather crossbody bags

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack


Long Elegant Legs

Stella Elyse fishnet tights – they have regular and queen sizes! And the patterns are to die for.

Banana Republic


Long Tall Sally/Barefoot Tess


Cherokee Scrubs – for those that need long medical scrub pants


BCBG – where maxi skirts are actually maxi on tall ladies

So tell us, darling, are you fabulously tall? What are your tips and tricks for navigating the gnarly world of tall girl fashion? Tweet us @litdarling or comment below!

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