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Twenty-Something Tuesday

The Internet is a multifaceted adventure through the deepest nooks of the collective conscious. Without knowing how or why, one can move from a simple scan of Facebook to a detailed article on the lifespan of a tarsier to a homemade, tear jerking YouTube montage of soldiers coming home to their dogs. And so, we ask: What’s open in your tabs right now? Be honest.



The Atlantic: “The Tragedy of the American Military”, “Why I Am Not A Maker” (I will read these…eventually)

Beyond Yoga (Because I am now the kind of person who needs $70 yoga pants…just closed that one though)

“Using the Montauk template” (For my new website: erinrussellwrites.com)

Tickets to The Bright Light Social Hour’s concert at Stubb’s (Excited about the new album!)

3 articles from Hazlitt (New obsession since “Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship”)



We Should All Be Feminists (The best. Just watch it.)

Make Everything Okay (Shhh don’t judge me, it’s midterms week)

My Trntbl account (Every song I’ve ever reblogged on Tumblr)

MySpace Glitter (This is my current favorite blog. I live for the early 2000s)

Salmon of Capistrano (I have no explanation for this)



BBC iPlayer:  The Road to War Miniseries (World War II nerds unite. You will need to get around the geo-blocker though.)

The Art of Manliness: “The Churchill School of Adulthood: Lesson #1 Develop a Mighty Moral Code” (It may be a site for men, but the articles are thought-provoking and take a deeper dive than most, I’m particularly fond of their Churchill series.)

B Skincare Lotions (Absolutely obsessed with this natural Cornish skincare line.)

50 Shades of Sigh: The Disastrous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Press Tour” (I’ve developed this weird obsession with reading about how horrible this movie is going to be.)



The Fresh Exchange Blog: “A Mountain Tree Hunt With Old Navy” (I just discovered this blog a few days ago, and it’s one of my absolute favorites. This is one of many posts I read in matter of a few hours.)

A Little Opulent: “10 More Awesome Food Blogs We Love” (I’m always looking for new food blogs to follow!)

Travel + Leisure: “America’s Best Road Trips” (Let’s face it—it’s really expensive to travel internationally. Not so much to travel domestically. Road trip, anyone?)



The Dollar Shave Club (I really like getting mail. And men’s razors work better and are cheaper.)

Netflix:The Vampire Diaries (I have watched four and a half seasons of this show in two weeks. Each episode is 47 minutes long. I am very actively avoiding my responsibilities).

BuzzFeed: “32 Over-The-Top Desserts To Make This Valentine’s Day” (I’ll be making these for myself. I don’t mess around where dessert is concerned and I rarely share it either. Plus I’m single).

Amazon.com: Stablio Point 88 Pens (I buy more office supplies than one person could possibly need in their lifetime but I see things and have a mighty need to have them).

The Lokai Bracelet (I keep going back and forth on whether I want this).



Blood Orange Chia Marmalade (I like pretending I’m going to make jam and people love putting chia seeds in things)

What Is An @uthor? (Because Bridey recommended it as a Sunday long read. So I read half of it yesterday and the rest languishes in my open tabs.)

31 DIY Ways To Get Your T-Shirts Ready For Summer (I want to be that girl at the gym, OK?! What am I getting these abs for if people can’t peek at them through the pieces of shirt I am wearing?)

Restaurants In Delhi, India (We’re heading to India in May and obviously I need to eat all of the food.)

Bit.ly (Because Twitter.)



Buzzfeed: 47 Things that Should Come Back Like Missy Elliot and “To Kill A Mockingbird” There is a video of Tom Hanks rapping on here and I can’t move past it to the rest of the list.)

The World Post: Recreating “The Odyssey” with an iPhone (I have started and stopped this about ten times. I wanna read it, but I’m so busy.)

The New Yorker: “Alice” by Elizabeth Harrower (Haley sends me recommendations on Google chat all day and I read it and loved it and want to read it again.)

Huffington Post: These Bewitching Photos of Rainbow Swamps Reveal the Magic Lurking in the Mire (Mostly I am so impressed with that awesome title, but also the pictures are gorgeous)

Netflix: The Vampire Diaries (I am also watching this or re-watching I should say. What can I tell you they are all so pretty!)



Hugo House (A Seattle-based writing community, The Hugo House offers a multitude of events like open mic, book reveals, and author readings. I’m purchasing a four-week course on writing your memoir titled “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.”)

Film School Rejects: “Hollywood is Addicted to Franchises and Everything’s Going to be Fine.

Netflix: “Parenthood.(Currently binging on this because some folks in my life have been raving about it. It’s always comforting to have something to binge on every now and again.)

HelloGiggles: Tools For Dealing With The Day-to-Day When You’re An Emotional Mess (Because let’s be honest, we’re all an emotional mess sometimes, and it’s OK.)



Universite Lumiere Lyon 2: (I’m planning on studying abroad in Lyon in the fall and I’ve had this tab up for a month or more, trying to muster the courage to navigate course selections in a foreign language.)

“Othello” Sparknotes: (Don’t judge me. I have a paper due in 3 days.)

Spotify: The “Les Miserables” (2013) soundtrack. (I don’t know if the French theme is intentional or the result of some subconscious yearning to flee the country before my paper is due.)

Literally, Darling (Was there ever any doubt?)



Literally, Darling super-secret Facebook group (Sorry, you can’t sit with us.)

xoVain: “Valentine’s Day Makeup For Two Different Beauty Budgets” (xoVain is practically the best beauty website EVERsecond only to Literally, Darling, obviously)

Tall Clothing – Topshop / Women’s Tall Clothing – J.Crew / Women’s Special Sizes – Nordstrom / Retailers that Sell Tall Women’s Clothing / Where To Find Shoes For Women With Big Feet / Awesome Tall Women Blazers / Long Elegant Legs / Banana Republic / ASOS / 10 Styling Tips For Tall Women / Long Tall Sally / Alloy Apparel & Accessories (Can you tell that an article detailing everything related to tall women’s fashion, by yours truly, is coming out today? Check it out, babe…)

Read Fifty Shades Of Grey Darker (I hate these books with a passion, but this is what I go through for the lovely LD readers. There will definitely be a witty, cutting article coming out shortly after the movie debuts. And P.S., I’ll be the one in the movie theater cacklingcome join me.)


What’s open in your tabs? Tweet us your Internet finds at @litdarling!

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  • I love the idea of doing a “what’s open in our tabs” thing with your writing staff! Gives a broad range of things to read & watch–thanks :)

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