Eyelashes: Fake It Till You Make It

I, unlike many of my oh-so-beautiful friends, was not blessed with long, thick eyelashes. For years, I refused to wear falsies. Instead, I piled on layer, after layer, after layer of clumpy mascara. Eventually, I decided to go over to the dark side of fake eyelashes. As I soon learned, the dark side wasn’t so dark after all. In fact, fake eyelashes turned out to be one of my favorite not-so-secret beauty essentials. So much so, that I’ve begun to wear them not only for a night out on the town, but to work, casual lunches, and even trips to the local food mart.

As with anything, there is a time and a place for elaborate falsies. But my motto when it comes to this is simple; if you didn’t get it from your momma, then fake it till you make it, darling with eyelash extensions at home.

It’s all about the glue

First thing’s first; what type of glue are you using? Usually, the glue that comes in a box of falsies is worthless. Instead, I suggest buying a tube of clear glue that is made for long-lasting hold. My favorite pick is Duo. It comes in two different tones, light and dark, to match your complexion. This glue will take you through the wee hours of the night, guaranteed.

So many lash options!

Now for the hard part—which type of fake lashes are you going to get? There are a daunting number of options that range from barely noticeable to Lady Gaga worthy. I’m going to suggest you always, always, always steer clear of the latter option, unless it’s Halloween, of course. Instead, go for natural, full or individual lashes. Say what? I’ll break it down for you.

Natural Eyelashes

These are self explanatory. These babyies are your day-to-day bestie. They are long, light, and the most convincing. Perfect for your work beauty routine.

Full Eyelashes

Full lashes bring the wow factor. Think the thickness of natural lashes times fives. Save these beauties for special occasions and exciting nights out on the town.

Long and Short Eyelashes

By using different lengths, long and short lashes create a bold, thick look perfect for date night.

Individual Lashes

These are rumored to be the most convincing because you can pick and choose where to put them. With that in mind, they take a skilled hand and lots of patience. For this reason, I tend to shy away from them most of the time. However, for the brave fashionistas, individual lashes are a stunner.


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Alright, you have glue and lashes. Now what? First, pull out a pair of scissors and cut those babies in half. Yes, I said half. Nothing says, “Hey everybody, I’m wearing really, really, really fake eyelashes right now,” more than a strip that is too long. And as a bonus, you get two pairs out of one!

Next, put a dot of glue on the back of your hand. Drag your first lash through the drop. This will ensure you have an even, thin coat of glue. Wait 30 seconds. This part is crucial! By letting the glue dry a little, your job becomes much less messy.

Line the lash up with the outer edge of your lash line, gently set it down on top of your natural lashes, and push down and back towards your lid. The goal is to have the lash strip line up perfectly with the lash line to create a seamless look. You don’t want to see where the fake ends and the real begins.

Some people like to use tweezers to help them get a perfect line-up. If you’re having trouble, a helping tweezer hand may do the trick.

Final steps

The final touch before walking out the door involves eyeliner and an eyelash curler. Apply your eyeliner as usual, taking special care to make sure it touches down to your lash line. Then curl your fake and real eyelashes together. This will make them blend and add the finishing flare.

Extra tips

Get the most out of your falsies by re-using them. Don’t apply an extra layer of mascara to your falsies—the gunk builds up and they become unsightly and gross after just one use. When your day is over, peel off the extra glue and store them back in the box they came in. If you do this, your dirty little secret will be kept in mint condition for several uses.

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