The Perfect Galentine’s Day Buffet Menu

Since I was 15, I’ve celebrated Galentine’s Day with friends. I love wearing pink, listening to Lionel Richie, and eating sugary treats, but the day has always felt a little too cute and cloying to honor earnestly. I generally choose to forgo the romantic rituals and, instead, I make a point of telling everyone in my life how much I appreciate them.

But I mainly use it as an excuse to cook.

This year, I’m throwing a Galentine’s Day gathering for the ladies in my book club, and putting together a pink and red buffet. I wanted to deviate from the typical wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries and red velvet cakes, and do something a little unexpected and whimsical.

This menu is a mix of comfort foods and lighter, refreshing options. Whether you are attending a potluck, cooking a romantic dinner for two, or creating your own pink and red buffet, these recipes are sure to impress:


Galentine's Day Recipes

Try a Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosa with Thyme, a Grapefruit Mimosa or a Blood-Orange Pomegranate Mimosa.

Couscous & Red Veggies

Galentine's Day Recipes

The Rose Colored Couscous (Israeli Couscous with Beets and Walnuts) is a beautiful and sophisticated dish, but another option would be Couscous-stuffed Red Peppers, or, for more of a meal, Couscous Risotto with Tomato, Oregano and Mozzarella.

Homemade Pizza

Galentine's Day Recipes

Make Pizza Pinwheels (recipe is linked on page) and arrange them into Valentine’s Day themed shapes, like Xs and Os (without cheese for any vegan friends). Or you could also make a regular pizza and shape the dough into a heart before baking! Extra points for heart-shaped pepperoni.

Fruit Salad

Galentine's Day Recipes

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a Mojito Fruit Salad this year, but the Sweetheart Citrus Salad is another appealing choice. You can also arrange a fruit platter in the shape of a heart or display it on a heart-shaped plate.

Cut-out Sugar Cookies

Galentine's Day Recipes

A basic recipe can be found here but I personally rely on a dairy-free recipe. I make cut out cookies regularly, and I usually cover them with a little icing (confectioner’s sugar + water) and Wilton’s rolled fondant, which can be purchased in different colors or dyed with a gel food colorant. I’m mixing it up from the usual hearts this year and making poodles and flamingoes! (Cutters available from Sur la Table, linked.)

What are you making for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LitDarling. 

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