We’ve Found Your Best Work Shoes (For Any Circumstance)

Walk a mile in these Louboutins. Just, maybe, not to work.

You might “be” what you eat, but at work, it’s more about what’s on your feet. No matter how much you like—no, love—those one-of-a-kind studded Valentinos, they’re not appropriate for work. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Want that promotion? Remember to keep your work shoes simple so all the attention goes to your work product and not your toe ring. What is this? 1998? You’ll thank us later. Check out these tips for work appropriate shoes under any circumstance or visit at https://shoepursuits.com/ a proper shoe guide for all.

Work à la Rigueur.

You know how you’re not supposed to show cleavage at work—unless you work at Hooter’s—because it’s distracting? The same thing goes with inappropriate shoes.

How many times have you stopped listening to your superior ranting on and on about why the sky is falling, or whatever, because you were distracted by her too-small, open-toed wedges (Um, hello! It’s still winter) and electric blue toenail polish? Exactly.

Do/Don't-- Work de rigueurFavorite Brands:
Nine West
Coach (yes, they make more than monogrammed handbags)

Pro Tip:
Don’t forget that leather stretches, so you generally need to go a half size down so your shoes aren’t too big when they inevitably stretch out.

Sometimes, Heels Are The Devil.

Some jobs (such as retail) require you to be on your feet all day. Yowch. I’ve been there, done that, got out as quickly as possible. Those of you for whom this continues to be a way of life, I salute you. And you need some comfy flats stat. Even the slightest heel can leave your feet burning for days.

For the rest of you, I don’t care if you’re walking three blocks to work or passing through the sea of swirly, twirly gum drops, if you can’t make the trip in heels, put on some flats. Do not walk to work and especially not into your office building wearing flip-flops because they’re comfortable. They’re tacky, and I can guarantee your coworkers don’t want to see your toes.

The same goes for sandals, which are generally over-glamourized flip-flops. How awkward would it be for the office empress to tell her little followers about how desperately you need a pedicure? I mean, you know you’d do the same if roles were reversed.

Do/Don't-- Work Flats

Favorite Brands:
Cole Haan
Lucky Brand (these are made in the same factory as Tory Burch! Same quality at a quarter of the cost.)

Pro Tip:
Since feet tend to swell up throughout the day (lovely image, I know), try shopping after work or late afternoon to ensure the best fit.

Party Time, Kind Of.

If you’re attending a gala or another event for work, please don’t take this as an opportunity to wear those ostentatious heels your best friend convinced you absolutely had to have. You look like a peacock. This is a time to display your elegance, allure and taste; not your idiosyncratic side. And while we’re at it, leave your selfie stick at home too.

Be sure to choose shoes you can actually walk in, comfortably. This is a work event; you can’t take your shoes off if your feet start to hurt. Besides, those five-inch, overpriced Alice and Olivia stilettos that completely throw off your balance are a huge waste of money.

Do/Don't-- Work Gala/EventFavorite Brands:
Adrianna Papell
Badgley Mischka

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Pro Tip:
Love the shoes but they’re a little tight? While you’re just relaxing at home with “The Bachelor” on in the background (what is up with the drunk girl talking about onions and pomegranates?), try the following:

1. Find a thick pair of socks.
2. Put the too-tight shoes on over your socks.
3. Blast them with hot air from a blow dryer.
4. Let the shoes cool and try them on sans socks.
5. Repeat as needed. You’re welcome, darling.

Why Is It Still Cold Outside?

If you’re still scraping ice off your windshield, then you probably should be wearing some type of boot to work. That being said, an open-toed bootie is not weather-proof outerwear. Why would you want dirty snow slush seeping into your shoe? Don’t be dumb.

Also, Uggs are not real-life outerwear. Unless you’re in college pairing them with your Nike shorts for some reason I’ve yet to understand, you have no business wearing them—especially to work. Uggs provide your feet with zero support, and the fabrics are not moisture-wicking—meaning if you get caught in the rain, you and those soggy socks will be spending a lot more time together.

You are wearing socks with your boots, right?

Do/Don't--Cold Outside WorkFavorite Brands:
Michael Kors
Columbia (for some serious snow)

Pro Tip:
Befriend the salesperson. Sales associates know the best deals (that aren’t always displayed) but won’t tell you about them if you suck. They’re coached to upsell, but they’ll be sure to recommend the cheaper prices if they like you.

What are your favorite shoe brands? Let us know @litdarling!

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