How To Dress Like Schmidt From “New Girl”

Max Greenfield’s character Schmidt on the hit comedy “New Girl” dresses like a true gentleman, even when he doesn’t always act like one. He may stand out as a favorite character due to his sharp style, his witty one liners, or for the number of times the other characters have forced him to put money in a “douchebag jar.” He’s my favorite character for all of the above reasons, and because he’s extremely likable despite his occasional character flaws. He’s also downright hilarious, from his rants about “Youths!” to his driving moccasins and all the other little quirks in between.


Although his style is not as expansive as Jess’s fashion choices and many of his outfits look similar, there are still a few trends in his style that can easily be copied for anyone looking to dress more stylishly. It’s quite clear that he’s very dedicated to his fashion sense. After all, he has an entire closet full of perfectly tailored suits. And while at times he makes questionable outfit choices (like the extra short kimono he wears around the loft), most of the time he’s very spot-on. Although these outfits were designed with men’s clothing pieces, they could easily be copied with similar items from a women’s wardrobe too, since most are pretty standard.



Schmidt is a man who knows how to wear a suit, and boy does he do it well. He frequently can be seen in a full black suit with a colorful shirt and equally colorful but contrasting tie. Try pairing a black blazer with a pink button-down and a burgundy tie to copy one of his snazzier looks:

He also frequently wears variations of a brown tweed suit, pictured below:


To copy it, try the items below (links to purchase can be found in the set):


Schmidt Suit Copycat

Button Ups + Cardigans

The next signature Schmidt outfit pairs a plaid button up with a cardigan. Sometimes he wears oversized knit cardigans, but often he also sports thinner, solid colored cardigans such as this Old Navy option. He typically wears cardigans buttoned over a plaid or gingham button down shirt.

If cardigans aren’t your speed (although they should be), try layering a v-neck sweater over a button down instead. He does both equally often, and both complete a similar look.


Relaxed Style

The rest of Schmidt’s outfits follow a similar relaxed style. They all combine jeans and either a slim-fitting v-necked t-shirt, a v-necked sweater, or a button down, typically in gingham or plaid. He always completes the look with a belt, too, and sometimes a watch.


You can find the above items most anywhere, but the most affordable places to look are Old Navy and Target. is the perfect place to find accessories as well; they have a wide range of belts, watches, and shoes to complete any look.

If you decide to emulate Schmidt’s style then please just follow one last piece of advice: leave the kimono at home (or better yet, get rid of it altogether).


Bonus: Here are a couple more of my favorite “jar” worthy Schmidt moments, many of which portray his excellent fashion sense in addition to his comedy. The next time you want to dress to impress, remember to keep it classy and Schmidt-level sassy!


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