5 Crowd-Pleasing Hummus Recipes

By Ariel Kanter

Everyone loves hummus.

is that hummus

I don’t care if you’re hosting a casual movie night for celiacs, a carnivorous roast or a full on Champagne-fueled vegan dinner party, hummus should always be on the menu. And while traditional hummus is fabulous all on its own—and by fabulous I mean, healthy and a great vehicle for all crackers, chips and vegetables—there are plenty of ways to kick it up. Below are a few of our favorite hummus recipes. They incorporate other tasty, nutritious ingredients (from beets to lima beans). Add these dips to your spread and your guests will love you forever.

Roasted Beet Hummus

red beet hummus
Photo: Minimalist Baker

For a vibrant hummus that will liven up your table, try a roasted beet version. This one from Minimalist Baker is hot pink. It’s got a bright zip from lemon zest and juice, and that classic smooth texture from chickpeas, tahini and olive oil. It not only makes the perfect dip, but a pretty nice accidental lip stain as well.

Herbed Lima Bean Hummus

Herbed Lima Bean Hummus
Photo: Nosh & Tell

 My roommate happens to make an insane herbed lima bean hummus. This hummus has so much flavor! I know you’re thinking, “Ehhhhhhh lima beans?” That’s a fair reaction. It does sound almost too healthy. (I have the same suspicions about dark chocolate.) But no, this hummus is so herbaceous and fresh that you should probably make several batches and keep a whole one for yourself.

Butternut Squash & Harissa Hummus

Butternut Squash & Harissa Hummus
Photo: Cassie Best, BBC Good Food

Another great base for hummus is butternut squash. The squash has an amazing sweet and savory flavor that blends perfectly with some fiery harissa. This recipe still uses chickpeas, so you’ll still get plenty of protein, but it’ll blow your average hummus out of the water. By roasting the butternut squash first (instead of just boiling it), you’ll get a great, satisfyingly charred flavor.

Roasted Moroccan Spiced Carrot Hummus

Roasted Moroccan Spiced Carrot Hummus
Photo: Andrea Bemis, The Kitchn

This hummus is perfect if your produce drawer is overflowing with carrots. I love that the recipe continues the Mediterranean theme with warm flavors like coriander, cayenne, cinnamon and ginger. If you have any of this hummus leftover from your party, try adding some chicken stock and a little cream for a flavorful, comforting soup.

White Bean & Edamame Hummus

White Bean & Edamame Hummus
Photo: Chow

If you’re concerned about fat and calories from chickpeas, but still want a hummus that is addicting and dippable, try a white bean and edamame hummus. I love this recipe because of its Asian kick. Instead of using traditional tahini (sesame paste), it uses fragrant sesame oil. You can even add a little Sriracha or Sambal for an extra kick. This would go well with everything from carrots to rice crackers.

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