The 14 Best Book-To-Screen Character Adaptations

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  • Major props for including Andy Serkis. So much is written about him in relation to his performance as a CGI character instead of completely capturing the tragic heart and soul of Tolkien’s Gollum.

    • Yes! He is amazing in it, and really proves how pity stopped Bilbo, because he is such a pitiable fellow, with a saddening backstory. Serkis was amazing as him!

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      I’ve never read Perks of Being a Wildflower, but was wishing I had when I made this list, as Emma IS so great in it. And as for Hermione…I didn’t want this to be TOO Harry Potter heavy :) I do think though that some of her lines in the movie were a bit un-Hermione-ish though.

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