How To Pitch LD’s News & Politics Editor

Here at Literally, Darling, we’re always looking for more voices to include on the site. The News & Politics section is currently looking for submissions from men and women with strong opinions, unique angles, and different perspectives. If you have a take on a pressing issue that you aren’t seeing anywhere else, we want to hear it!

So what am I (the News & Politics Editor) specifically looking for? I’m looking for smart, strong semi-reported pieces that bring a human voice to political issues. We aren’t breaking news; instead, we’re taking deeper looks at the top stories of the day. I’m looking for sassy and funny essays that put politics where you wouldn’t expect it. I want analysis of succession in Westeros, interviews with 20-somethings who are changing the way we think about poverty, and backgrounders on issues that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Here are a few areas I want to see more of:

  • Economics

  • Conservative voices

  • International news

  • Environmental news

  • Underreported stories

  • Interviews

  • Fascinating historical stories

I’m not particularly looking for personal essays or point-of-view pieces, although if you think you have one that will really blow our readers out of the water, send in a pitch! I’m also not interested in anything that can’t be supported by facts. If you want to make a strong argument, and I encourage you to do so, then make sure you can back it up with reputable sources.

I prefer pitches to completed work, unless your piece covers a trending issue. In that case, best to send something finished. Otherwise, send me a quick pitch with your angle, any sources you have, and why you think it’s a good fit for Literally, Darling. I do my absolute best to respond to all emails, so expect to hear back from me within a couple days. If I don’t respond, follow-up after two days.

If you’re interested in writing about a topic, but aren’t sure where to take it or what angle is best, feel free to shoot me an email. If I think it’s a good fit for the site, I can help you suss out the story.

Literally, Darling is not a paying market.

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