10 Apps Everyone In Their 20s Should Be Using

Our phones are on us all the time. They might as well be surgically attached to us. Aside from keeping us plugged in socially via messaging, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they’re powerful tools that can help us on our quest to become responsible, stable adults who have their lives together. Here are 10 apps every 20-something person should have on their phone—whether it’s iPhone or Android—that will make being an adult infinitely easier.

1. A mobile-banking app


It’s 2015. Chances are your bank has a mobile-banking app you can download. Most banks’ mobile-banking apps do it all: allow you to deposit checks remotely, transfer and send funds, etc. But most importantly, you can keep track of your finances on the go. No more overdrafts.

2. A syncable calendar app


So many people use multiple emails: for work, for school, for personal use. Most native calendar apps on different devices allow you to sync up your various calendars, but some are better than others. Regardless, it’s important to keep up with all your tasks for all the aspects of your life, and a calendar app will help you do that. Try Calendars 5 by Readdle.

3. A podcast app


Podcasts are more popular than ever right now. With everything from how-to channels to true crime thrillers like “Serial” to fictional shows like “Welcome to Night Vale,” podcasts are an easy way to stay entertained while you’re driving, cleaning, or trying to get to sleep. iPhones have a native app for podcasts, but for Android users, try Pocket Cast.

4. MyRadar


Sometimes a forecast just doesn’t cut it. Keep up to date on exactly where the rain is with MyRadar, a super simple app that shows where the weather is and what direction it’s moving. Click here to know more about the best weather apps for smartphones.

5. VSCOcam


Arguably the most popular photo editing app right now, VSCOcam is easy to use and can do pretty much anything you need: crop, lighten, darken, sharpen, blur, and filter, among other things. Ditch those overused Instagram filters and use VSCOcam to make your photos look a bit more polished.

6. Goodreads


Keep track of all the books people keep recommending with the Goodreads app. Set yourself a yearly book challenge, keep your friends updated on your progress, and read reviews on books you’re considering picking up from the library.

7. Gmail


Chances are, your personal email is a Gmail account. (If it’s not, ditch your Yahoo! and Hotmail. What is this, 2007? Come on.) Try Gmail’s app rather than your device’s native mail app; it’s clean, simple, and much more user friendly than Apple’s Mail app.

See Also

8. Pocket


Keep track of all the articles you see on Twitter and Facebook and while browsing the web by using the read-later app Pocket. You can log in using your Google account or various other social media accounts and save links from your phone, desktop computer and tablet. Catch up on your reading during your morning metro commute or while you’re waiting for the meeting to start.

9. Google Maps


If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a high likelihood you’ve been burned by Apple Maps at some point. Google Maps is a much easier, more user-friendly alternative to native GPS software.

10. A mindless card game


No more fad games for you! Delete your Angry Birds (please) and your Candy Crush (double please) and download a card game like Solitaire online, Spider Solitaire, Hearts or Freecell. It’s still a mindless game to occupy your time, but it’ll feel a bit more mature than tapping away at Flappy Bird (if you were lucky enough to download it before it went away, that is).

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