How To Change Your Beauty Routine From Winter To Spring

In the Western Hemisphere, we are (hopefully) almost ready to start putting away our snow shovels and turning off the heat. We are springing forward and that means goodbye sweater weather and hello sundresses.

The warmer weather also means that your beauty needs will probably change. You won’t be inside as much, won’t be exposed to drying central heating and will be showing a bit more skin. As a result, you’ll need to slowly tweak your beauty habits to adapt to the warmer weather. This is super easy and can be done by:

1. Swapping your foundation.

In the winter, more heavy foundations were acceptable because you weren’t sweating them off and winter tends to work with more intricate and dark makeup looks. But, if you try to rock a cake-ier, more high coverage foundation in the spring, you’ll probably have some serious foundation meltdown. Instead, go for a lighter foundation or BB cream if you tend to have dry skin or a matte foundation if you tend to have more oily skin. We love Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (below, $12.99).


2. Focus your moisturizer elsewhere.

In the winter, your face and lips tend to chap easily in the cold air and you’re applying face moisturizer and chapstick like a boss. But, in the spring, you’ll be showing a bit more skin and possibly shaving your legs more regularly which can be hard on your skin. Focus your moisturizing efforts on your legs so your sensitive, shaved skin doesn’t react too harshly to this change. Try a rich Body Shop Body Butter in a deliciously summery-smelling flavor like Vineyard Peach (below, $10.50).


3. SPF is your BFF.

Now, I’ll preface this by saying you should ALWAYS be rocking a low grade of SPF in your skincare. This is super easy to do whether it’s through a lip balm, moisturizer or foundation—give yours a look, it may already have it. But if it doesn’t, Spring is the time to start giving your skin the protection it needs. This doesn’t have to be slopping on sunscreen just to do some errands, but it simply means making sure the products you’re using have at least a low grade of SPF. And, if you’re spending a day in the sun, perhaps a little higher grade is in order. We’re obsessing over the delicious Supergoop AcaiFusion Lip Balm SPF 30 (below, $8.50).

Supergoop! SPF 30 AcaiFusion Lip Balm

4. Lighten your makeup.

This one is particularly challenging for me. There is nothing in the world I love more than rocking a vampy lip and 5 eye shadows, but that can look a little silly with spring fashion and result in some serious makeup meltdown. Instead, trying simplifying your makeup and going for lighter colors (we’re throwing back to Michael Kors SS14, below). Your skin and overall look will thank you.


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5. Mix your colors.

You’ll be rocking a twinge more of a tan coming soon, so it could come in handy to get a shade darker of your favorite foundation so that you can mix it in and get a color that doesn’t wash you out. Or try a new foundation just for summer: we’re loving Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (below, $12.76).


6. Follow your nose.

In the winter, spicy, deep scents can add a touch of romanticism to a cold night, but in the spring, no one wants a heavy perfume sitting around. Invest in a lighter body spray so that you can smell as good as the spring flowers. Or try a new, lighter scent: Paul Smith’s Sunshine Edition is heaven-scent (below, $31).


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