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Okay, real talk: how often have you found yourself sitting on the couch, pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand, watching “New Girl“/”Pretty Little Liars“/”Scandal“/your favorite TV GP of choice … and there, on the other side of the screen, your eyes catch a glimpse of the perfect dress. The soulmate dress. Or the coat, rocked now by Olivia Pope and—lurching forth in your imagination—later, you, as you celebrate your first successful big-girl-job interview? Or have you ever felt that let-down lust after your favorite on-screen leading ladies with their (probably) million-dollar style, knowing whatever has been picked for their wardrobes is almost certainly way out of your price range?

Here’s a secret: It’s not. And Spylight is the app that will link you right up to your favorite looks worn on TV.


Let’s rewind. A few months ago we did an interview with some of the lovely ladies at Spylight HQ, as they worked hard on the website and geared up to the release of the Spylight app, which debuts this month on the App Store. The beautifully designed, completely addictive site has now been distilled into an app that is part Shazam, part you-to-new wardrobe matchmaker, part hot-off-the-press fashion/entertainment blog. In a nutshell, it’s every fashionista’s dream, and your iPhone is not complete without it.


The Spylight app can identify exactly what users are watching with audio sync technology, which allows them to browse and purchase what the characters on their screens are wearing at any time.


Spylight is the only existing service of its kind that has working relationships with television and movie studios; their close relationship with the wardrobe departments of Fox and other major studios give users the exact matches of items from popular shows such as “Glee and “New Girl.” Yes, really: Their veritable mini-army of fashion experts are literally paid to scour out the items you’re lusting after (dream job alert).screen322x572 (2)

And, because choice is the flavor of life,the service also has an extensive catalogue of “close matches” that allows users to get the desired look with a variety of options if the exact match is not available, or if the user wants to purchase the item in a more affordable price range (because, yes, sometimes TV wardrobes are a little bit above the typical twenty-something salary … boo).

screen322x572 (4)

And, because Spylight is being constantly updated, you can be the first to find exclusive matches, with last night’s episodes cropping up as you tuck into breakfast the next day.



Here are some of our favorite Spylight picks from the archives!

bralette necklace skirt1




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