Three Underrated Spring Women’s Shoes

When the spring season finally hits, I always feel the urge to buy shoes. I have more pairs of strappy sandals, high-heeled wedges and floral pumps than I could ever possibly use, and yet I rarely wear any of them during the spring season. You see the dilemma—women’s shoes are incredibly expensive, and it’s sad to have so many beautiful pairs sitting unworn in my closet.

This year I’m changing my habits. Instead of buying out DSW’s sandal collection (and having them sit unused until the summer months), I’m looking critically at my spring footwear choices. I’ve realized that there are three crucial pairs of shoes you need to have in your spring wardrobe.

1. The Rain Boot

Spring showers bring May flowers! Except those spring showers aren’t very cute when your feet are soaked and you’re sloshing across your office. While possibly the most underrated of all women’s shoes, the rain boot is your best friend this spring. Most are cute, in addition to being extremely practical, and you can go big and splurge or get something just as cute for half the cost.

2. Canvas Tennis Shoes

Now, we aren’t talking about your revolting gym shoes. We’re talking about cute, flat-soled tennis shoes that you can throw on and run out the door. Perfect for running errands, tennis shoes go with any outfit and you can find them in any color—from plain white, to polka-dotted pink. Casual and ready to go (and typically more mud resistant than other shoes) you will be prepared for any spring adventure that comes your way!

3. Chelsea Boots

Spring ^^

If you’re like me, you probably already have a pair of Chelsea boots as a staple of your winter wardrobe. But unlike most of your winter clothes, the Chelsea boot can transition perfectly into spring. Spring does not mean summer, and sometimes it’s still really cold out. These boots are the perfect companion for your favorite jeans and a t-shirt, with an extra sweater added for warmth. Comfortable and posh, Chelsea boots are the best way to keep a little bit of your fabulous winter wardrobe alive during the spring.

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