The 33 Best Madonna Songs, All In One Playlist

With her reign lasting over three decades, Madonna is unequivocally the Queen of Pop. Last week, she released her thirteenth studio album. This number does not include the countless singles, EPs, and remixes that she’s released. Madonna continues to prove herself as a true entertainer with every album and song. Despite controversy, falls (literal and figurative), and media criticism, Madonna continues to push herself to the limits. To celebrate the release of “Rebel Heart,” we decided to put together a list of best Madonna songs ever released. The single rule is that we can take no more than three from any album—otherwise all of “Confessions on a Dance Floor” would be on here. Enjoy, darlings.


  1. “Borderline” from “Madonna”
  2. “Material Girl” from “Like a Virgin”
  3. “Like a Virgin” from “Like a Virgin”
  4. “Papa Don’t Preach” from “True Blue”
  5. “Open Your Heart” from “True Blue”
  6. “Into the Groove” from “You Can Dance”
  7. “Express Yourself” from “Like a Prayer”
  8. “Like a Prayer” from “Like a Prayer
  9. “Cherish” from “Like a Prayer”
  10. “Vogue” from “I’m Breathless”
  11. “Fever” from “Erotica”
  12. “Human Nature” from “Bedtime Stories”
  13. “Take a Bow” from “Bedtime Stories”
  14. “Ray of Light” from “Ray of Light”
  15. “Frozen” from “Ray of Light”
  16. “Music” from “Music”
  17. “What It Feels Like For A Girl” from “Music”
  18. “Don’t Tell Me” from “Music”
  19. “American Life” from “American Life”
  20. “Die Another Day” from “American Life”
  21. “Sorry” from “Confessions On A Dance Floor”
  22. “Hung Up” from “Confessions On A Dance Floor”
  23. “Give It 2 Me” from “Hard Candy”
  24. “Beat Goes On-feat. Kanye West” from “Hard Candy
  25. “Revolver feat. Lil Wayne” from “Celebration”
  26. “Beautiful Stranger” from “Celebration”
  27. “Celebration-Benny Benssi Remix Edit” from “Celebration”
  28. “Girl Gone Wild” from “MDNA”
  29. “Love Spent” from “MDNA”
  30. “Some Girls” from “MDNA”
  31. “Illuminati” from “Rebel Heart”
  32. “Holy Water” from “Rebel Heart”
  33. “Bitch I’m Madonna” from “Rebel Heart”
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