The Complete Guide To Kitchen Knives

The more you get into cooking, the more you realize that there are certain tools that are pretty indispensable. When I started cooking as a teenager, I picked up my mom’s habit of using a steak knife to cut everything. I didn’t stop doing that until I had a kitchen of my own my senior year of college and started watching “America’s Test Kitchen.” On the show, the chefs would breezily mince garlic and chiffonade herbs with a beautifully sharp and well balanced chef’s knife. I needed to have one. Recently my boyfriend bought us a Shun chef knife for Christmas. They’re expensive, but worth every penny. It’s hard to even describe the pleasure of slicing easily through something like a butternut squash without being afraid of slipping and losing most of my fingers.

If you’re ready to start to invest in some kitchen knives you have quite a few options. It’s helpful to know what each knife is used for before you buy. Do some homework—shop around a few stores and read customer reviews as well as product descriptions. Stores like Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target are great places to look for starter knives. If you’re feeling more advanced and ready to spend some more money on a higher quality product, check out Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, or shop directly from the knife’s producer. Luckily our friends at made this awesome infographic to help you find the perfect knife for your needs.




Do you have a kitchen knife you can’t live without? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @LitDarling! 

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  • This is so useful! I’m about to register for wedding gifts and my fiancé and I really want to upgrade our knives because we do a lot of cooking. I will definitely be using this guide!

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