A Playlist For Every Day You’ve Got the Blues

I grew up on the blues. From New Orleans to Chicago, I was weaned on guitar licks from the delta and cut my teeth on trumpet solos. I experienced British blues with wide-eyed wonder as I danced around my neighborhood, and each summer I drive with windows down as I learn about crossroads.

There’s a blues genre for everyone, because blues is everywhere. It’s seeped into almost every other genre, influencing every musician for the last 70 years. It’s inescapable.

The blues are good for your soul. When emotions fill you and feel like they’re physically bursting out at your seams, blues serve as the audible result of this spillage. Everyone needs to blues now and then, be it as you sit on your porch at night, drive with your windows down, or kick back at the end of the day and assess the world.

And whoever says blues is dead is clearly wrong. This new blues playlist showcases new and modern talent that are keeping the legacy of the blues alive.

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