5 Slam-Dunk March Madness Styles


As most college sports fans know, March Madness is officially in full swing after a weekend that brought plenty of upsets. The abundance of sporting events crammed into the next few weeks gives me the opportunity to celebrate two of my favorite things: basketball and fashion. Because one of the most fun ways to experiment with fashion is when it is more difficult, like when you’re showing off where your sports loyalties lie.

If you’ve been following the tournament, you likely know that brackets across the country took several hits over the weekend, between Villanova’s loss to North Carolina State and the University of Virginia’s loss to Michigan State (among others). I’m still reeling from the hits my bracket took, and from Iowa’s loss to Gonzaga. Although it wasn’t unexpected, I’m still not quite ready for the Hawkeye basketball season to be over, or to be done watching Aaron White slam-dunks (though I’ll take the boost to my bracket that Gonzaga’s win gave).

Whether or not your favorite team is headed to the Sweet Sixteen, chances are you still have someone to cheer for. For all the sports fans out there that also have an eye for style, there are a lot of fun ways to show your support for teams left in the tournament besides just throwing on a team hoodie and calling it a day.

Rep team colors

If you’re supporting a team other than your alma mater, chances are you don’t have an abundance of mascot tees or tanks. You’re not out of the game yet, though. You can easily show your support for a team by wearing accessories in team colors with complimentary basics. Try a basic tee with a colored scarf and matching shoes, plus a statement necklace or bracelet.


Team Colors

Jazz up a jersey

Some basketball fans might be content with throwing on a jersey and their favorite jeans and calling it a day, but jeans and a shirt do not an outfit make. Jazz up the typical jersey look by adding statement earrings in your team’s colors. You can also carry a purse in a complementary team color (if your team happens to have colors worth investing in a purse to match). Add an oversized cardigan and combat boots for a comfortable, sporty outfit that’s still fashionable.


Jersey + Jeans

Grab your favorite flannel

There are many uses for your favorite flannel, but wearing it over your beloved team t-shirt may not but the first one you think of. For a cozy option that’s still cute, try pairing a team tank or tee with your favorite flannel and leggings. Add over-the-knee boots, stacking bracelets with your team mascot or colors, and simple earrings to complete the outfit for your next game-watching party.

Team Tank + Flannel

Add a flouncy skirt

Don’t like pants? Not a problem. Pair your favorite team tank top with a flouncy skater skirt in a complementary team color. Add tights if you live in a cooler climate, and pair with riding boots. Layer a cardigan or leather jacket for added warmth. The leather jacket dresses the look up, making it a perfect option for watching games at bars with friends or celebrating a big in style. Finish the look with a state shaped necklace if you’re supporting your home team and simple earrings.

Tank + Skirt

Keep it classy and comfortable

If you’re participating in March Madness from a warmer climate, try busting out your favorite lace shorts. Pair them with a fitted team tee and an oversized cardigan for a classy, comfortable look that still maintains plenty of team spirit. Add sandals, a bag that matches your team’s colors, simple earrings, and stacking bracelets to finish it off.

Team Tee + Lace Shorts

However you decide to show team spirit for your own college team or the team that’s keeping your bracket afloat, one thing’s for sure: this year’s March Madness promises plenty of excitement as the tournament moves forward. My bet is on Kentucky to take it all. Gonzaga has several 3-point shooting powerhouses that could carry them far, though. As most basketball watchers know, tides can change very quickly, and with many interesting matchups ahead (including Wisconsin vs. UNC and Wichita State’s faceoff with Notre Dame, among others), the second weekend of the tournament promises to be just as exciting as the first. Make sure your game day outfit is just as game-winning as the upcoming last-second 3-pointers may be!

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