10 Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

I have to admit that I am a slow person. I have a tendency to lose track of time or get distracted, especially in the morning when I’m still sleepy. If I want to have any hope of being punctual, I need my breakfast to be as simple as possible.

But I’m not into toast or processed food, and I want my first meal of the day to be delicious and healthy. It’s important to me that my breakfast contains fruit/vegetables and protein, and isn’t heavy with refined carbs.

These are some of my go-to breakfast recipes that are worth getting out of bed for! Most of these can be batch cooked ahead of time and stored until you need them.

Green Smoothies

green smoothie breakfast recipe

Smoothies are easy to whip up, but if you’re really tight on time (or don’t trust yourself to make a healthy choice when your body is screaming for coffee and pastries), you can make a couple of batches ahead of time and store them in Mason jars in the fridge. Check out this list of 10 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes.

Fresh Juice

juice breakfast recipes

Even if you don’t have a juicer, you can put fruit or veggies in a food processor and strain. My favorite is carrot, orange and pomegranate juice. As with smoothies, you can store in a Mason jar. Pair the juice with something protein-rich, such as egg whites, for a full meal. Need ideas? Check out 5 Awesome Veggies for Juice or Smoothies.

Overnight Oats

overnight oats breakfast recipes

There are so many variations to this wonderful little breakfast. One summer, I was doing an internship in South Carolina and my boyfriend would drop me off on his way to work. I would sit in the early morning sunshine before anything downtown was open, watching everyone arrive for work, as I ate overnight oats from a porcelain to-go coffee cup. Now, they always taste like summer to me. I started out with The Yummy Life’s many recipes, but once I gave up dairy I used the Oh She Glows green monster vegan overnight oats recipe as a base. You can use any milk, and all kinds of fruit, nuts and seeds!

Banana Protein Oatmeal Cups

banana oatmeal cups breakfast recipes

These oatmeal cups by IFoodReal are adorable—but not too sweet. They are more akin to a bowl of oatmeal than a sugary cookie, perfect for a snack or grab-and-go breakfast. You could also add dried fruit or chocolate chips.

Mini Breakfast Burritos

breakfast burrito breakfast recipes

These burritos by Ella Claire Inspired are amazingly easy to put together on a Sunday, and you can store them in the fridge or freezer until needed. You can create variations with different cheeses, veggies and meat, or top them with avocado. I recommend flour tortillas over whole wheat or corn, which can turn hard from baking.

Egg Cups


My mind was blown the day I found out you can just cook eggs in the oven. This is awesome when you have a lot of people to serve at one time, but also as a make-ahead meal. You can do just eggs (or egg whites) with veggies, or add a circle of bacon.

Sausage & Peppers Hash

sausage & peppers breakfast hash recipe

I used to live in Oxford, Mississippi, where I once had dinner at Chef John Currence’s restaurant, Snackbar. I ordered a duck hash with peppers and onions, served in a mini cast-iron skillet, and it was superbly greasy and spicy. I decided to recreate the meal on my own using turkey sausages, and I discovered that it makes a great breakfast to batch cook and heat up later. Fry a package of turkey sausages links and slice, then chop and cook 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper and 1/2 a red onion in the grease. If I’m not in a rush, I add a poached egg on top. You could also add regular or sweet potatoes, or even a jalapeño.

Two Egg Banana Pancakes

two egg banana pancakes breakfast recipes

These are my ultimate go-to pancakes and they are so simple. Mash a ripe banana and whisk with two eggs. Cook mini pancakes on stove (with 1 Tbs coconut oil if you don’t want to use butter). I usually eat half a batch at a time, and store the rest for the next day. They are superb with honey! In case you need any help, Cassey Ho at Blogilates made a fun instructional video.

Orange Raspberry Fiber Muffins

orange raspberry fiber muffins breakfast recipes

As the name suggests, these muffins by Tone It Up are full of fiber, which means they are filling and good for digestion. Bonus, they are vegan!

Cinnamon Raison Ezekiel Bread English Muffins

ezekiel bread breakfast recipes

I know I said I’m not a toast girl, but Ezekiel bread is a good source of protein, free of preservatives and low in sugar. If I know I’m going to be so busy that I can’t cook anything ahead of time, I stock up on Ezekiel Muffins.

What are your favorite breakfasts for busy mornings? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LitDarling

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