How To Wear The Top 5 Pastels For Spring

Spring has sprung! Most of your favorite stores now have shelves packed with florals and pretty pastels. Some people might think pastels are only meant for Easter, but I firmly disagree; most pieces are perfect to wear all spring and throughout the summer, too.

By adding a few pastel items to your wardrobe, you can easily mix and match fun colors, or liven up a more neutral outfit. Don’t be wary of looking like a child; pastels can, in fact, be edgy and on trend. For example, I’m currently obsessing over the dress from Loft pictured below (and would’ve added it to my wardrobe already if I’d found a size that fit).

Coral w/ Lavender Accents

…What was everyone saying about pastels being boring again?!

If you don’t have a favorite pastel piece to work into your favorite spring looks, don’t fret! Here are four great colors in a variety of versatile items that will bring some spring into your closet.

1. Powder Blue

Powder Blue

Blue is a great, calming shade that is perfect for any season, but this muted shade is excellent for spring. Taking a cue from the hue of a perfect spring sky, powder blue is a great pastel to work into your favorite spring outfit. If you’re already a huge fan of the shade, try a dress or shirt. If not, work it into your accessories with a bag or cute earrings.

2. Lilac/Lavender 

Lilac & Lavender

Purple is one of the hardest colors to work into a wardrobe, but this muted shade is great for those who are experimental with fashion and for those who like to play things safe. Try a statement necklace or nail polish for a subtle pop of color, or a flouncy shirt or skirt to feature it in a look.

3. Coral/Peach

Peach & Coral

Coral is my favorite clothing color because I just so happen to be the palest kid you know, and coral works perfect on lily-white skin. So if you’re also still feeling the post-winter pastiness, get on board with coral! It’s a popular color for both spring and summer, so now is the perfect time to invest in a new favorite piece. There are lighter and darker options depending on your taste. I love the combination of both in the statement necklace featured above!

4. Pink


No pastel list would be complete without a shade of pink. Too much can be overbearing, but a subtle, light shade can add the perfect touch of color to a spring outfit. Try incorporating a light pink into your makeup routine or favorite accessories if you tentatively like the color but aren’t sure where to start. If you’re like the Mean Girls crew and wear pink every Wednesday, try updating your signature look with a bold shoe or top.

5. Mint


Rounding out this list is Literally, Darling’s signature color: mint green. This big trend from last spring is still quite popular for the upcoming season. Feeling as daring as the LD darlings? Try a bold dress! Prefer to keep your fashion statements understated? Add our favorite shade to your outfit with a statement accessory like the ring or scarf pictured above.

What are your favorite spring shades? Tweet us @litdarling or tell us in the comments below!

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