Broke Girl Beauty: 5 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

While many of us are used to using vinegar sparingly—to dye Easter eggs and to dip our french fries in—some (including myself) are drinking it in, smearing it on and dumping it over our heads. If you’re not already part of the Vinegar Lovers club, you should be too.

Of course, I’m talking specifically about apple cider vinegar, one of the latest “miracle” concoctions claiming to make your life easier, give you glowing skin and probably live forever.

…OK maybe not all that, but this stuff really works! You can use it a ton of different ways and the best part is, in most stores, it’s under $5. Broke Girl Beauty win, right there. Here are a few uses and tips for your new ACV craze.

Note: While you can buy basically any apple cider vinegar and generic brands would probably work just fine, I’d recommend Bragg’s “Of The Mother” apple cider vinegar ($2.99, Amazon). It’s important to get “of the mother” because that means it contains proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that may not make it looks very pretty, but gives you extra benefits.


Shots! Every day I wake up in the morning and take a shot… of ACV. It’s more pungent than most alcohol (except maybe Kamchatka) but the benefits are way worth it. For example, for people like me who are prone to a little bit of reflux and an upset tummy, ACV actually can really help. If you take a shot on an empty stomach or before a meal, it can help prevent that discomfort. It can also have tons of other benefits by drinking it, including killing bad bacteria, helping curb your appetite and helping your heart. Be sure to chase with water, but if shots are not your thing, you can also dilute it with water and even add a little bit of honey. I will warn you though, since no one did for me: If you tend to sweat in your sleep or while working out, you will smell like a salad. This stuff literally seeps through your pores.

Wash that hair. If you’re scratching your scalp and seem to be getting greasy, white residue, it may not be dandruff; you may be experiencing product build up. And while you can purchase a clarifying shampoo, if you’re already taking shots of ACV, why not? Mixing ACV with water for a clarifying hair rinse will remove build-up and close up hair cuticles—mix up to a cup of ACV with 16oz of water. It’s worth experimenting with, and be sure to check out knowledgeable sources before dousing yourself with vinegar in the mornings!8091166913_bfae95394a_o

Getting toned. For some reason, the one beauty buy I can never seem to commit to is face toner. No matter what, I just seem to put it back on the shelf because I’m #broke. But, luckily, ACV is coming to the rescue! Once again, it takes some experimenting, but mixing approximately one part ACV with two parts water (more ACV for oily skin, less for sensitive) restores the skin’s natural pH after cleansing … The more you know.

ACV for BO. If you’re worried about the chemicals that can be found in many deodorants or if you’re looking for a cheap way to curb pit stank and get in touch with Mother Earth, many have even found success using ACV as deodorant, simply by swiping a little straight ACV under their armpits. While I’ve never tried this personally, I’ve been assured the vinegar smell does not linger, and it works brilliantly.

Breath of fresh air: If you can stand the taste of drinking it, this may be for you. Many have sung the praises of rinsing or gargling with ACV. This can whiten your teeth and freshen your breath. Just think happy thoughts because it’s a strong taste. Your teeth will thank you for it!

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  • Just as a friendly tip, if you’re going to use it as deodorant, wait a few minutes after you shave – don’t just apply it right away. I did this the first time and I screeched like a Nazgul! Also, not everyone can handle straight vinegar on contact with there skin, I break out in welts and it burns like the dickens! So…test it first. On your arm or something. I just thought I would help spare the pain! :)

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