8 Most Irritating Movie Endings

Have you ever sat through a movie in confusion, questioning, and intrigue only to end up with absolute irritation? This irritation can be felt one of three ways: The movie ended the way you wanted but can’t believe it had to be that way, the movie ended the way you thought it would and are so mad at lack of originality, or the movie ended in the same confusing mess leaving all questions unanswered and forcing the audience to interpret it based on their overall experience. There are times when these irritating endings add to the movie’s overall greatness. But there are also times when these irritating endings just piss us off. Here is a short list of movies that meet all of the above categories. (Spoilers ahead).

Irritatingly Good

“The Guest”

But did he escape?! Will he come after the kids again?! Is he going to go on a murderous rampage around the world?!

The Guest

“Ex Machina”

This ending is the film that sparked the idea of this article. Poor Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) and his fateful ending. I genuinely wanted Ava (Alicia Vikander) to turn around and take Caleb with her. But nobody puts Ava in a box! The movie would not have been as amazing had it not been for its finale.


“It Follows”

Did Paul (Keir Gilchrist) give It to the prostitutes in the wreckage yard? Or is It what’s following him and Jay (Maika Monroe) when the film cuts to black?


“A Serious Man”

Although some may disagree with this movie finding a place in the Irritatingly Good category, what with its never-ending bad luck that pulls the characters and audience into a deep pit of depression. But that’s what makes it so great! What better way to strip us of hope than Larry (Michael Stuhlbarg) finding out he has cancer and a disastrous tornado is about to hit. Would you have remembered the movie had it ended on an upbeat note?

A Serious Man

Irritatingly WTF


Frogs falling from the sky? Seriously, that’s where we’re going to leave it? We expect nothing less from Paul Thomas Anderson, creator of all things confusion. I know there are numerous theories about the meaning, the potential connection with biblical stories, but seriously? Frogs? Also, RIP PSH, you were the man.


Escape From Tomorrow

What a beautifully filmed movie with its black-and-white, defined images. The movies overall storyline zig zags between several ideas and ends on a path that no one saw coming in the worst way. Jim (Roy Abramsohn) got the cat flu, his son let him die, and now there’s another Jim family checking into the hotel that the old Jim just died in? What? (Available on Netflix)


“Mulholland Drive”

Because it’s David Lynch, the audience should expect nothing less than a big ole WTF.



This movie was going so strong. So strong up until the point where everything surrounding Carl (Jon Favreau) falls into place. The successful business, good relationship with his kid, good food critic reviews, AND gets back together with his ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara). Tone down the cheese! (Available on Netflix)


Of course there’s plenty more, there isn’t a single film prior to the 1990s on this list. In which case feel free to rant away at the all movies that come to mind that have left you irritated AF.

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