4 Essential Beauty Tips For Busy Women

Get home late from a long night at the office? Er, rather, had one too many margaritas at the Mexican restaurant around the corner and didn’t realize it’s midnight? We feel you.

It’s nights like these that convince us it’s OK to be lax in our beauty routine just this once and curl up in bed with The “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” These crazy, spontaneous nights turn into never-want-to-wake-up mornings that makes getting ready a nightmare in itself.

Not to worry; the beauty gods called, and we’re here to ease your morning and nightly routines. Hey, it’s 2015. We’re all busy, but sometimes we’re bogged down with adult things more than usual. Check out our busy girl beauty tips.

Slimmed-down skincare

Serum? Eh, skip it tonight. Toner? Maybe tomorrow. Facial cleanser? Do. not. skip. No matter how late it is or how exhausted you are, do NOT go to sleep without washing your face.

OK, we know you probably will anyway. So pretty please, at the very least, wipe off your makeup with a makeup remover pad. Sleeping in your makeup gives free radicals full range to wreak havoc and break down your skin’s healthy collagen, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. And, let’s face it, if you’re reading this beauty article, chances are you’ve read other articles about slowing down your skin’s aging process. This is exactly how you do it. Premature aging aside, makeup clogs pores while you sleep, giving you some of that not-so-cute adult acne.

The Organic Facial Wipes from Neal’s Yard rid your face of dirt and makeup quickly and use all organic ingredients including aloe vera and white tea. Even if you skimp out on the rest of your beauty routine for one night, don’t skip this step.


Wake up and makeup

When you’re running short on time (after the obligatory morning snooze-button fest), one of the best ways to look posh in a hurry is to sport a bold lipstick color. Since these daring shades bring all the attention to your lips, there’s no need to add a lot of eye makeup or much else, really. The quickest and sexiest look to compliment lipstick boldness includes mascara and just a swipe of liquid eyeliner on your top lid. You look all done up in almost no time flat.

Another tip might be to cut back on how much makeup you use to begin with. So many of us are accustomed to wearing ample amounts of makeup simply because we always have. But do you really need that extra swoop of blush? Another layer of eyeshadow? Probably not. Start cutting back on the amount of cosmetics you use, and you’re sure to be surprised how little you actually need to feel and your best.

Bold Lipstick Colors


Haircare with a minute to spare

Woke up like this and not in a good way? Bun it up, hun! The sock bun lets you throw up that tangled and oily hair into an updo for a look that’s insta-chic. We suggest the Sultra “Uptown Chic” Bun Shaper. Everyone will think you tried harder than usual with your polished look, but don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret…



Dying to wear your hair down even though you probably need to wash it first? Try a texturizing spray such as Bumble and bumble Surf Spray for an instant beach look. This is a quick and simple way to create tousled waves that make it look like you really did wake up like this.

Texturizing Spray

 Bumble and bumble styling product / Julep Sea Salt Texture Spray / Aveda styling product

Organize and time flies

If you’re like most busy beauty girls, your bathroom is probably in a constant state of disarray. Well darling, you’re wasting precious getting-ready-time; get that space organized. It’s so much easier to get ready in a hurry when you know exactly where everything is. The Container Store offers various cosmetics organizers to help you keep all those products in the same spot everyday. Sunscreen? On. Mascara? Done. Lipstick? Hot.

Be sure to set up a prep routine and apply skincare and makeup in the same order every day. Create a pattern, and pretty soon you’ll start to be out the door in no time!


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