22 Etsy Shops You Should Know

Here at Literally, Darling we love all things vintage, handmade, crafty and unique. Etsy is home to all of those items and more, yet sometimes it is hard to know which shops are great for which items. We decided to help you decipher the madness by listing our very favorite Etsy shops that we think you should know. Happy shopping, darlings!

From Molly:

RockPaperStyleShop: Perfect shop for personalized gifts, like these ring dishes that make for thoughtful (not to mention affordable) gifts for your newly engaged friends.

DiamondCake: Because who doesn’t want a card with Harry Styles’ face on it? Great cards for your 16-year-old sister or your BFF that has an unhealthy obsession with boy bands.

From Kirstie:

SamWish: If you love handmade, organic, all natural and local bath and body care, look no further than Sam Wish. Owned and operated by a Texas native, Sam Wishlinski, the company was started in 2010 as an upcycled and vintage clothing shop and has since evolved into a self proclaimed “wonder-filled, healing botanical emporium.” Available on Etsy, her own online store and in choice Houston boutiques, Sam Wish products are sure to provide you with a healthy, effective alternative to chemical filled bath and body products.


From Haley:

Obvious State: They do literary prints the right way—by making sure the person they’re quoting ACTUALLY said the quote. They’re minimalistically designed and not ostentatious. Perfect for a quiet apartment wall (right next to a bookshelf, obviously).

Twoperidotbirds: I like to look at pretty, sparkly things. So sue me.

ForgottenPages: They print all sorts of cool drawings and images and sketches on old book pages! Perfect for getting a vintage-looking piece without having to pay for actual vintage.

ElfShoppe: These are some of the most beautiful prints of watercolors I’ve ever seen. The array of aquatic animal-themed ones would be perfect for a beach cottage. Cue the heart-eye emojis.

TheCarbonCrusader: Custom pencils! Perfect gifts for writers, right? You can get personalized ones made or you can choose from their selection. (Yes, they have “Mean Girls” quotes. Yes, that’s what you should order.)

From Kristin U.:

The Wheatfield: Katie Daisy creates beautiful prints of her colorful, natural, simple, and delightful cars. Seriously, looking at this page makes me so happy. You’ve probably seen some of her prints from Tumblr, and now you know where you can buy them.

Frostbeard: Soy candles inspired by literature? I don’t think I need to say more. My faves? Wizardy Buttery Drink candle (scented with “butterscotch overtones with hints of crème brûlée and butter rum”) and the Pemberley Gardens candle (“fresh roses with a hint of lilac and hyacinth”).

KDawnU Photography: Okay, I’m doing a bit of self-serving here. This is my Etsy shop, and obviously I think you need to know about it. I sell photo prints and phone cases with my prints on it. Think travel photos (Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower) and nature prints (highland cows, the beach).

From Amy:

BStamped Jewellery: These charming little pieces are perfect gifts for your BFF, mom, sister… OK, just anyone ever. Including you, because sometimes you just gotta treat yo’self. And also because you love being the smug fashion rascal who people ask, “Where did you get that?”

Livvie Loo’s Bowtique: Remember Jen, the beautiful Insta-mam who talked about starting up her own Etsy shop? Well, if you’ve got a baby shower to attend, or a wee one of your own on the way, you might want to just go nuts and buy all the adorable headgear.

From Nicole:

January Girl Jewelry: Among other items, this shop features beautiful state pride necklaces. Add a charm for your home state, where your significant other is from, or where your children were born. The necklaces make a great gift, and you can keep adding charms as you collect homes and memories!

January Girl Jewelry
January Girl Jewelry

From Vanessa:

Absynia: This shop features culturally-inspired, handmade jewelry including rings, earrings, and necklaces. Helmed by Elle Lewis, the designs are inspired and influenced by the African diaspora.


From Kim:

morgangesell: This shop is giving vintage, discarded paintings a second chance with a dose of hand-painted snarky pop culture. Ever watch hours upon hours of “House Hunters” and yell at the TV when the “hunter” is being ridiculously picky? Then you’ll love Morgan’s play on that frustration with her House Hunters series. If that’s not quite your style, check out some of her other prints that feature phrases like “FML” and “Bros before hoes.” It’s like tumblr for your walls!

The Foxy Hipster: You can’t really go wrong with a shop that sells handmade Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt stud earrings. Yeah, you can wear their adorable faces on your ears. There are tons of options from tacos and popsicle earrings, to Jim Halpert and Hillary Clinton earrings. (And if you’ve got sensitive ears, you should know that all earring posts are stainless steel and nickel free.)

tru.che: Stevie K., the creator behind tru.che, quit her day job to live her dreams of making jewelry (respect!). She made the original United States of Love state necklaces and branched off to create the necklaces with a variety of other materials too (bamboo, copper, acrylic, gold, and brass). She’s also got a lot of cute earrings and silver charm necklaces.

Steel Petal Press: A little hometown love for this fantastic letterpress paper goods shop. They’ve got cards, journals, stationery, and custom wedding designs. The best part? In addition to some great hand-lettering, not all of these cards have your typical greetings (like this birthday card—love it).

From Lauren:

Jesiiii: I discovered this etsy shop through the artist’s wonderfully whimsical Instagram account a while back, and I’ve been longingly eyeing her work ever since.  She creates everything from darling paintings on rustic slices of wood to tiny, quirky wooden rings.  Her work features cheerful graphics and bold patterns and everything in her shop, is colorful, animated and playful.


Literally, Darling Bonus Favorites

James Clancy: We first came across James’s work when he emailed us to showcase some of his stunning photographs and literary prints and we all fell in love. Based in Germany, he reaches outside many of the overused quotes we see again and again in the States and pairs them with gorgeous images that provide a unique print for your space that you won’t see elsewhere. We’re also so excited to give you the chance to win his prints in our upcoming giveaway!

LeLapin Boutique: Run by one of our founding members, Melissa Cox, she’s used her own battle with Lyme Disease and channeled it creatively. Whether you or a loved one have Lyme Disease, purchasing one of her shirts helps support those suffering from a brutal, often incurable disease.

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