6 Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

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It’s May, which means Mother’s Day is on its way. We at LD love to celebrate all our mothers have done and continue to do for us. But to be quite honest, the older we get, the fewer creative, original ideas we have to do so. Years of drawings, macaroni necklaces, coupons for chores, earring sets, bouquets, brunches, and clumsily prepared breakfasts in bed have left us scratching our heads for ways to wow our moms, and motivated us to brainstorm a list of things to do with your mom on Mother’s Day.



Take her to get a mani-pedi.

Sure, your mom would love another gift from you, but she’d probably like to spend some QT with you even more. Save up some money and take her to the nail salon. It’ll be the perfect excuse to catch up and she’ll be appreciative of you footing the bill. (Or better yet, ask your dad to pitch in. They never know what to buy anyway.)



Have a cooking party.

Admittedly this only works if your mom likes to cook, and if she does, why don’t you use the day to let her pass on some hard-won knowledge? Cooking together not only lets y’all bond, but teaches you a new skill, and gives Mom a chance to teach you something even though you’re all grown up. Plus, at the end of the day, you’ve got a yummy meal to enjoy together!



Go for a walk.

Whether it’s running errands around town or jogging with friends, moms always seem to be on the go and although that’s not always a bad thing, it’s certainly nice to slow down every once in a while. One of my favorite things to do with my mom when I’m home is go for a walk with her—sometimes a few miles with my dog leading the way, and sometimes just a short loop around the neighborhood. Away from phones and other distractions in the house, we are both able to catch up on each other’s lives and get some good exercise, too!


Kristin U:

Go and smell the flowers.

If your mom is into gardening, or even just looking at pretty flowers, stop and smell the flowers together. If you have your own flower bed at home, work in it together, maybe followed by a nice glass of homemade iced tea. Or go to a large plant nursery, wander around, and take home your favorite plants. Better yet, go to a greenhouse at a local college. It’ll be a fun outing, and chances are you will see some pretty amazing stuff that both of you will want to try to grow, but probably never will.


Natalie B:

Do something you both love.

My mom and I are lucky enough to be close friends in addition to being mother and daughter; a lot of her interests have become mine and vice versa. If I were going to be home this Mother’s Day, I’d want to take my mom to a baseball game. Not only is it reminiscent of some of our fondest times together from my younger years, but it’s an activity we’ll enjoy equally—so neither person feels obligated one way or another. No matter what you do, make the day about her, whether you do so through repeated toasts, snack/drink delivery (from the kitchen to the couch), or listening to music you might not like just because you know it makes your mom happy.


Natalie B:

Try something new together.

When you’ve celebrated Mother’s Day so many times, relying on old favorite activities can get tiresome. These annual springtime Sundays are the perfect day to learn a new skill together, like pottery, painting, baking, dancing, horseback riding, jewelry-making, kayaking—the possibilities are endless. Whatever you end up trying might just become a shared hobby to carry you for many Mother’s Days to come.



The older we get, the more our moms actually want to spend time with us (imagine that!). Part of adulting is carving out time, no matter how hectic your life gets, to celebrate those closest to you, especially those who went the furthest in preparing you for the world. What are your favorite things to do with your mom(s) on Mother’s Day (or any day)? Tweet us @litdarling and let us know!

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