Perfect Gifts For Your College Graduate

Graduation is the most exciting and terrifying moment of a young collegiate life. While it’s supposed to signal the transition into the real world, the start of the next chapter, for many, it signals a terrifying kick in the ass and a bracing date with reality.

If you have a graduate about to make the big walk, do something special! I’m completely biased of course, being a 2015 graduate myself. And while money is usually the preferred gift for graduation, my classmates and I understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have disposable cash. If you want to do something special for your graduate (outside of a card) here are a few ideas ranging in price that any collegiate would love. *Cough* Me *Cough*

But if you do decide to give that wonderful gift of cash, please, I entreat you, don’t give bonds. That $500 is nice and all, but we’d rather have access to it now to pay bills and such, rather than in 20 years when we hopefully have jobs.

Custom Portrait:

For a truly personal gift, give your favorite grad a custom portrait to commemorate their college years. This is not the dreaded Grandparents Portrait. Nay, this is a fashionable and adorable memento to keep. Inslee by Design does custom orders, and each is more fabulous than the last. For a more affordable yet just as adorable option, check out Dabble Paper Co. on Etsy. Each requires you to submit photos in order to get a truly personalized gift.

Travel The World:

Invest in experiences, not objects. Slip your graduate some rainy day money to put toward an adventure, or help them prepare for their grand travels. Gift them a beautiful passport cover to aid them on their trips, or a beautiful weekender bag and a luggage tag to go with it.  


Travel From Home:

If the graduate doesn’t have the ability to go see the world, bring the world to them. Keep their love of travel alive with this compass bracelet, or a custom necklace with the coordinates of their favorite place on earth. Or bring the world to them with these adorable travel posters from Rifle Paper Co.

Prepare For The Real World:

While whimsical gifts are nice and all, there is something satisfying about a beautifully useful gift as well. If your grad is one of the lucky few who has already secured employment, celebrate it! Get them a chic yet useful work briefcase for holding all their super important documents (but in reality I mean their phone and make up). Or how about a cute mug for the adult coffee they’re about to be drinking. It will be an instant conversation piece in the office. Or go the super practical route and invest in some business cards.

Happy hunting, and be sure to hug your graduate. And don’t worry—as long as you aren’t late for the ceremony, no one will care what you got them. (Unless you’re a stingy grandparent who just gives a card and that graduation bear stuffed animal. Then you’re the worst.)


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