3 Golden Rules For Packing To Travel

For those of us who haven’t been stricken with the #wanderlust bug (or simply don’t have the means), let’s be honest: The prospect of travelling is daunting. There are a hundred different things on your mind, of course, but we’re ALL united in that age-old girl prob: How do I know how much to pack?

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly over- and under-packing … and still somehow never prepared for all eventualities. Womp womp. It’s hard to be a woman and travel. We like to have options, and multiple shoes to match. And then there’s the beauty routine, which we can’t just leave behind while we are on vacation. It’s even harder to pack when you are going somewhere for work and you’ve never been there before. Is is humid there? Does it rain ALL THE TIME? Do people wear shorts to work? Ah yes, the packing predicament can be mind boggling.

Fear not, darlings. While you may not be Beyonce, and you don’t have a traveling entourage to help you do your hair, pick out clothes, and fix your makeup, we’re glad to say that now you have some LD advice, which—let’s be real—is just as good.


1. Travel size is your friend

I travel a lot for work so I’ve gotten to a point where I have a “go bag.” It’s basically a replica of all the things currently in my shower. I don’t move my razor from shower to bag every time I travel because that’s a surefire way to forget something. I have a travel size of everything, including mouthwash. You can always take the chance that wherever you’re staying has a decent brand of shampoo, and those certainly come in handy if you do forget something, but my hair hates them all. So I hoard tiny travel bottles, and when my travel bag needs new shampoo I empty a bottle and refill it with my brand. Same goes for lotions, moisturizers, face wash, shower gel, conditioner. Toothpaste is an exception because, well, have you ever tried to put toothpaste back into a tube? It’s really hard.  Find the brands you love in travel size and if they don’t come in a travel size, make your own! (One day I will own a mini straightener…)



2. Three tiny bags are better than one big bag

All those bags that came with your free gift at Clinique are about to come in handy. Some people need to keep all the bathroom things together, and that is totally OK. I, however, have found it easier to break up my toiletries into smaller bags rather than lug around one of those big caboodle cases from the 90s. My make up bag can go with me on a plane (in case I need to retouch), the shower stuff stays in one, and the toothpaste and contact stuff is separate in case I leave my glasses on or need to brush after lunch. Orla Kiely for Ulta (pictured, below) have some adorable, bright designs that match, too, for all you OCD ladyfolk out there.


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3. Stick to essentials

I know that my make up routine probably seems almost comical at times, but it’s taken a long time to get a system down, and when I travel it all goes out the window. I put on cover-up (for my circles—sleeping on planes is not productive), mascara, a spot of eyeliner, color my brows, and maybe some Chapstick. I know that many of you would rather look your best all the time, but you know your essential areas to cover, and as long as you think you look nice I say go with the quick version. No need to stress about impressing people in an airport. This goes for jewelry as well. Pack your favorites that you won’t spend the day trying to fix or adjust. They might not be a perfect color match to your skirt, but you don’t always have to bat .300.



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  • Love this post! And love the idea of ‘three tiny bags are better than one big bag’ I never put all my cosmetics, makeup, etc. together. For most of my travels I’ve always separated my makeup from other products, except when I just don’t bring makeup at all. This happens at least once a year when my husband and I take trips to the wild, hiking in jungles, deserts, distant forests and these are the trips when I surely bring ‘just-in-case items’. Greets!

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