Playlist: 35 Songs For Positive Party Vibes

To quote the infamous Marky Mark, I’m here to prove to you that we can party on the positive side.

There are so many dance songs out there that can be offensive, degrading, or dependent on putting others down to raise yourself up. And then there are these songs (and I’m sure many more) which celebrate the self and the world and the strange similarities and differences we all have between us, and how damn good it feels to sing and dance about them.

In a world where we’ve all had to dance begrudgingly to “Blurred Lines” at least once or twice, it can be good to remember how many party tunes can make us feel good about ourselves in more ways than one. From Janelle Monae (the “Q.U.E.E.N.” who inspired this playlist) to Yoko Ono to Sly and the Family Stone, these artists are here to remind you how to feel the love for yourself and your fellow human beings. We’re all water from different rivers. Take it hip to hip, rock it through the wilderness. There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are, so express yourself, dance to the music, and don’t forget to re-program the program and get down.

Know some more songs that promote positive party vibes? Comment below or tweet us at @litdarling!

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