3 Great Sports Bras For Women With Big Boobs

Real talk for my girls out there with big breasts: the sports bra struggle is real. I know and understand this as a woman with size D boobs (the girls at VS have told me I am a DD but I refuse to allow that. D I shall stay). As a woman who loves to work out yet is constantly battling huge knockers, I have had more than my share of sports bra mishaps. I truly believe that taking the sports bra off my sweaty body is way harder than the actual workout I have just completed.

Picture this: I just ran four miles, I am sweating like a hog and all I want is a shower. I am in my bathroom when I start the Olympic event of removing my sports bra. First off, the thing is stuck to my skin like it has been sewed on. I free one boob and one shoulder and the bra gets stuck on my sweaty arms, it isn’t coming off. The boob still in the bra is now being shoved up into my chin and accosted in such a manner I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I tighten my abs (core strength is a must for this task) take a deep breath and attempt to rip the bra off. It isn’t budging. I am there in my bathroom with half the bra off, my elbow stuck in the bra and pinned to the side of my head with one boob free (this is not a pretty sight). To make matters worse, the bra is now covering most of my eyes and I can’t see. I am starting to panic as the darkness closes in. After a few more tugs and actual tears from the frustration, I have to call for help. No one can hear me because my screams are muffled by the fabric covering my face. I start to scream for my boyfriend or best friend, someone needs to rip this devil bra off my body. After they enter the bathroom, see the one-boobed-faceless monster I have become and die from laughing, I am freed with only minor injuries.

This happens constantly in my life and I recently set out on a mission to find the perfect sports bra that offers support and easy removal (read: I was willing to spend whatever it costs so that I can get my boobs freed easily). I have bought and tested all the bras below and guarantee they will not only give you support, but won’t hold you prisoner either.

1. Knockout by Victoria’s Secret

This bra takes some getting used to if you are going from pull-over sports bras to front zip because it has this fancy inner layer. This actually makes it more supportive because it is similar to wearing two bras but without feeling as though you have body armor on. That said, it does feel like a lot is going on in between your boobs with the snap of the inner bra and the zipper of the outer bra.


2. Incredible by Victoria’s Secret

I love this bra. If you have big boobs and love to run, go buy this now. The thicker straps are so comfortable and the padding keeps your girls snug while not revealing any nipple outline. This bra only has a front zipper though and it can be tricky if you are dealing with really huge boobs because you have to actually squeeze them together with your wrists to allow a bit of give in the middle so that you can properly zip the front. It isn’t the easiest task but if I can master Operation Boob Smash and Zip, you can too, darlings.

3. Protegee by Under Armour     

This bra is so comfortable and lightweight. Any workout you like can be done in this bra and it is very reasonably priced. It is also very easy to zip. As I mentioned above with some of the VS bras, zipping the front zipper can be a task, but not with this bra. This is a good starter bra if you don’t know if you’ll be comfortable in a front zip sports bra.


Well, there you have it ladies, these are my three go-to sports bras that offer me the support to do all the workouts I enjoy like HIIT cardio, running, boxing and spin, and are easy to get off my body once the workout is done. No more calling for help, no more pre-shower tears of frustration and no more sports bra anxiety. Keep the knockers supported when necessary and free when not!

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