5 Things I’ll Miss About ABC’s “Revenge”

By Nakeisha Campbell

The end of the finale, which aired on May 10, was so perfect that it was surreal. After all that Amanda Clarke went through to clear her father’s name, she not only survived, but she also got her happy ending. Her biggest rival, Victoria Grayson, is finally gone for good, and she married the love of her life, Jack Porter. The only setback is that her father did not live to see this happy ending, but Amanda still found solace in the fact that he passed peacefully on her porch during his last heart-to-heart with her.

Seeing Amanda Clarke dedicate every second of her life and every ounce of her energy to vindicating her father was exhilarating and so inspiring. Yes, her plan was extreme, and yes, it did eventually lead to heartbreak and bloodshed. But the most important thing is that she remained true to her purpose. It was fascinating to see how this mission transformed her to her very core. She redefined what it meant to change one’s identity, because in addition to giving herself a new name, she allowed her revenge to consume her to the point where it became a crucial part of who she is. It actually made her more calculating and aggressive, which brought out the darkest parts of her personality.

Here are five things I’ll miss most about “Revenge:”

1. Amanda and Nolan’s friendship.


Where do I even begin? The bond that they had was so adorable that it sometimes made me want to cry. These two were the perfect example of what real friendship means because in spite of their differences, they were always there to support and protect each other. The way they interacted with one another, you would think that they were family because they complemented each other so well and they were loyal. Nolan’s ability to help Emily maintain her conscience and Amanda’s slight tendency to be protective or controlling when Nolan does something risky were only minor examples that showed just how much they cared about each other. Seeing these two grow together and strengthen their bond was by far one of the best parts of this show.


2. Nolan’s impeccable fashion sense.


One thing I always looked forward to on Sunday nights was seeing Nolan Ross grace my screen with another unique and stylish outfit. They range from dapper suits with popped collars to patterned polos and bright khakis, but regardless of the occasion, Nolan Ross never failed to impress. In fact, his outfits alone made him a scene-stealer.


3. Those thought-provoking voice-overs at the beginning of each episode.


In the first few moments of each episode I’d hear the calm voice of Amanda Clarke, quietly speaking words of wisdom that directly applied to Amanda’s current circumstances, or rather, described her thought process. These introductions immediately set the tone for the rest of each episode—and I loved that. In a sense, it prepared me for what was ahead and I liked being able to understand Amanda’s mindset every step of the way. But furthermore, most of those voice-overs were life lessons that actually inspired me. Here’s one of my favorites: We spend our lives struggling to hold on to the things we value most. To the people and things we believe we could never exist without. But our memories are often an illusion protecting a far more destructive truth. (Season 3 Episode 15, Struggle)


4. The excitement and suspense of every takedown.


Oh, how I’ll miss the red sharpie! Nolan and Amanda always handled their takedowns like a pair of pros, but there were definitely moments when their plans didn’t go as smoothly (for instance, take the time when Lydia Davis figured out the truth about Amanda Clarke and threatened to expose her, or the time when Daniel jeopardized Amanda’s plans by openly cheating during their marriage with his ex). So for me, seeing them tackle the mistakes and mishaps along the way was definitely the best part. I’ll miss seeing Nolan and Amanda work as a team for epic takedowns.


5. The ongoing feud between Emily and Victoria.


It began with a mutual dislike for one another, masked by fake smiles and polite remarks. But then, after Amanda’s marriage to Victoria’s son, their dislike turned into pure hatred in the blink of an eye. Every encounter was loaded with tension and watching them converse was like watching two pressure tanks getting ready to explode. What made this feud so intriguing, though, was their similarities. Both of them were strong and powerful women who wanted to defend and protect their families. But unfortunately, both of them ended up hurting the very people that they wanted to protect and were consumed by their need to take revenge against one another. Much like Amanda, Victoria grew obsessed with trying to expose and destroy the very person who sought to ruin her life. Whenever I watched their showdowns, a part of me felt like I was watching Amanda battle a heartless, lonelier version of herself.

In spite of the fact that she went to such extreme lengths to clear her father’s name, it was difficult to not root for her. With the continued support of an extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal best friend (Nolan), it was so much easier to remember that Amanda is a good person with good intentions. Anger simply drove her to dish out her dose of bad karma because she desperately needed to see everyone who destroyed her father suffer. But thankfully, her loved ones (particularly Nolan, Jack, and her former lover, Aiden) were always there to help her stay grounded.

Although I really appreciate the fact that “Revenge” ended on a high note, I’m not ready to let go. I’m still trying to get over the fact that the show has been cancelled because now, I will never know if Amanda will truly be able to move on, and I will never know what Nolan’s next steps will be, now that Amanda’s revenge plans are over.

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