9 Accessories Every Book Lover Needs

After the last lines of a cherished book have reverberated across my mind countless times and the magic has settled, I don’t want to sever ties with the worlds and the words that had so poignantly swirled around me. I search for a means to keep the aura of the work alive. While playing dress-up as a nod to favorite fictions unfortunately becomes less of an option in your 20s, I still have the desire to hold on to the life of a beloved book once it returns to its place on the shelf and to embody—at least to an extent—some aspect of the work in my wardrobe. As an ode to the love of literature, here are a few accessories guaranteed to satiate your bookworm whims.


1. Typewriter necklace, $13.99

This charming pendant would be the perfect pairing to Peter Pan collars and printed frocks.


2. The Importance of Being Earnest tattoo, $5.00

This site has a beautiful selection of temporary literary tattoos featuring quotes from various genres. Wear the words of Wilde, the musing of Melville, or the sentiments of Shakespeare, all with fitting fonts and creative illustrations.



3. C.S. Lewis-inspired teacup necklace, $23.48

This Etsy shop is full of darling gifts and trinkets for booklovers. My favorites are these charms that come presented with a print of the quotes that they are inspired by, and I adore this tiny teacup.



4. Glasses necklace with Oscar Wilde quote, $23.48

Another of my favorite charms, these quirky specs are too spec-tacular to pass up. As was that pun.



5. Book-shaped bag, $59.99

This unique purse is the perfect size for toting the essentials–namely a good book.



6. Literature Necklace, $17.99

Wear your heart around your neck with this pendant that tells it how it really is.


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7. Tights with Quote, $24.90

Not for the faint of heart, these bold, whimsical, printed tights each feature a quote from your favorite work of literature.



8. Opening line necklace, $14.99

Featuring a classic opening line, this enchanting charm makes a dainty statement.



9. Book scarf, $48.00

This Etsy shop sells a selection of scarfs and other accessories that feature the words of classic books so the words always stay with you.


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