4 Simple Ways To Wear On-Trend Strappy And Lacy Bras

[dropcap size=big]D[/dropcap]emure, nude-colored lingerie has slipped to the back of our wardrobes, and bright, strappy bras are officially here for the foreseeable future. Some of these bras and bodycage (2)underwear look like they could be swimsuits, while some swimsuits cover less than the majority of our lingerie sets. Basically, while underwear traditionally was, well, merely an undergarment, it’s now climbing your sartorial priority list and it wants to be seen. Let the good times roll, darlings.

You might look at these bras and think they are entirely impractical—what’s the point of spending my hard-earned cash only for them to sit in my closet drawers? Am I going to Coachella, Burning Man, or Bonnaroo? Negative, captain.

Lucky for all of us, it is now in style to, gasp, let our bras show a little bit. This was first hinted at when sheer black tops, wraps, and dresses entered onto the catwalk. Now, with the advent of summer, the promises of flirty, sultry style ideas have come to fruition. Confused? Look no further than below for a brief, but comprehensive guide on how to pull off those fab, strappy cage bras and lacy-backed bralettes that you secretly adore.

1. Take It Low

‘Tis sundress season and the wide array of strappy colorful bras pair perfectly with this bastion of the season. Pair your low-backed dress with a complementary-colored bra, such as a bright pink dress with a strappy turquoise bra underneath. Pop a lacy-backed bra under a bright top and rock it like you’re one of the models on the runway because, girl, you’re in style.

2. Breezy Sheer Tops

This one is an easy style to pull off. Instead of putting the modest camisole under that blouse or sweater, just wear your fave bra instead. This can be as simple as wearing a bright bra under a white v-neck, or can be as ambitious as wearing a mesh top with equally awesome shoes to a club. You do you, darling.

3. Wear As A Bold Crop Top

Crop tops are in, so why not take it one step further? Many of the cage bras and fancy bralettes have longer cuts than your stereotypical bras, so they’re essentially crop tops with built-in support. Easy peasy, right?

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4. Liven Up A Tank Top

Some bras have decorative details or knotting on the back that are slightly impractical under a normal shirt, but those summery tank tops are the perfect vessels.

Tell us, darlings, what’s your favorite way to rock this delightfully sultry trend? Tweet us @litdarling and, even better, send us your pictures!

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