Six Stylish Sunglasses And Lipstick Combos

Summer’s stifling heat transforms layers of makeup and piles of accessories into an increasingly unappealing notion. During sundress season, when one-piece outfits are acceptable and even eagerly embraced, elaborate adornment (basically anything beyond simply sliding on a pair of sunglasses) becomes smothering and tiresome. An enduring emblem of glamour and mystique, chic shades are summer’s ultimate accessory. Paired with a fresh face and a swipe of the perfect lipstick shade, the right sunglasses make warm weather glamour an effortless two-step. From classic elegance to contemporary edge, find your steady go-to or experiment with the endless combinations of shades to amp up your daily summer routine.


1. Edgy frames and electric lip

Modern metallic frames with a neon magenta lipstick make for a fabulously fearless and delightfully unexpected pair.

tumblr_noc2o1fP6H1t11qnoo1_500Edgy Lenses

Invader Shades, $40

2. Modern cat eye and nude lip

Channel old Hollywood glamour with an oversized take on classic black cat eye frames paired with a soft nude lip.

c133c61ebd9dbf6ea71c09f14e7b257aModern cat eye

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, $350

3. Reflective lenses and coral lip

Mirrored lenses paired with bright, coral lipstick are stunningly summery and clear frames draw attention to the tropical pop of color.

Shay-Mitchell--Quay-X-Shay-Mitchell-Sunglasses-Line-Promos-2015--08-662x1040reflective sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses, $34

4. Tortoise frames and berry lip

Timeless tortoise frames and a rich berry lip create a warm, demure vibe.

15462568632_0085c404d0_bTortoise Shades and berry lips

H&M Sunglasses, $9.95

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5. Geometric frames and sheer lip

With modern metal cutouts, all that’s needed to accent these killer Quay shades is a soft, neutral lip.

360a09b60819e638bc6feb605ab1ee05Geometric shades

Quay Round Sunglasses, $45

6. Matchy-Matchy

For a fresh look, keep your palette mod and monochromatic; try covering your lids and lips in magnetic magenta.

81369ef1d979e23d515e0748c847bfefMagenta shades and lips

Quay Frankie Sunglasses, $34.99   

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