Tahj Mowry: From Child Star To Breakthrough Musician

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By Nakeisha Campbell

Tahj Mowry (Maw-Ree) is not just the child actor that we all grew to love in shows like Full House and Smart Guy. He’s not just the voice of Wade from Disney’s Kim Possible. He’s not just that cute guy from the film Are We Done Yet.

And he’s not just “Tia and Tamera’s little brother”.

For those of you who haven’t been following his recent projects, meet Tahj Mowry: The Future Funk singer, dancer and performer. In addition to starring as the hilarious Tucker in ABCFamily’s Baby Daddy, Tahj is now pursuing music, which has always been a strong passion of his. What many may not know is that behind his flawless smile lies a promising new artist with a mission to redefine what non-mainstream truly means. For instance, his very first preview song, “Bossy”, is a beat-driven and edgy track with sexual undertones, while his second song, “Dancing Alone”, offers the perfect blend of old school funk, new school pop and EDM. Additionally, his most recent single, “Flirt”, has a fun, dance-club vibe, mixing funk guitar with pop and R&B.

See his music video for “Flirt” below:

In blending such different genres he is successfully bridging the gap between funk, jazz, pop, electronic and R&B (imagine the perfect blend of Prince, Sam Sparro, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson). But on top of creating a fresh sound, he is also challenging listeners to be open-minded.

“I want people to hear it and I want to be respected as a musician and an artist that’s unique. I’m not asking for everybody to go out and like my new music. I know some people may not, but at least they can respect the fact that it’s new and fresh.” – Tahj Mowry (VIBE interview)

For some, I imagine that the process of listening to his songs was like going to swim for the first time. Although you’re curious enough to test the waters you’re a bit hesitant to dive in and let yourself get used to it. But the deeper you let yourself go, the more you realize that the water is comforting. In other words, the more you hear these songs, the more you hear his influences, the more you get familiar with the sound and the more you grow to love it. When you continue to listen to Tahj’s music, you will find that his beat-driven instrumentals, coupled with his powerful vocals, are actually quite exhilarating.

Check out this live mash-up of “Bossy” and “Dancing Alone”:

As a longtime supporter I’ve been fortunate enough to see him grow vocally and artistically. Over the past few years he covered a variety of songs from different artists like Michael Jackson, Adele and Bruno Mars, but seeing him transition into an independent artist and performer is truly inspiring. He always made it clear that he is not pursing music for the fame, but rather, because it is what he loves to do (in fact, his desire to become a performer began with the release of Usher’s 8701 album in the early 2000’s). Now that he has his chance, he wants to give fans something that does not sound like a carbon copy of what’s on the radio. He wants to let his fans connect with him on a personal level through his music and he wants to be a great performer.

At his core, Tahj Mowry is not only a rare talent but also a shining example of what pursuing your passion can get you. His first three songs have already received widespread (and well-deserved) acclaim, but what we’ve heard so far is only a taste of what’s to come. With his upcoming EP (out August 4th) and an album on the way, this future funk artist is well on his way to the top of the music industry food chain.

You can visit Tahj Mowry’s website, www.tahjmowryofficial.com to download his preview tracks “Bossy” and “Dancing Alone” for free. Also, be sure to get his latest single “FLIRT” on iTunes!

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