The Six Beauty Vloggers You Should Know

As a lady who had no experience doing my own makeup or hair on the reg until basically college, I needed a lot of help in that department. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and the Internet exists, so I relied heavily on YouTube and its immense amount of beauty vloggers and gurus to shape what products I bought, the techniques I used and new looks to try.

And, I’m not alone. These vloggers have racked up millions of fans a piece on their lifestyle channels and blogs, have translated it into book deals, modeling deals and product lines and have become role models for girls and women who watch their channels.

While there are dozens of amazing vloggers to choose from, here are a few that I watch nearly daily and whose advice and expertise I hold in high regard.

  1. Tanya Burr:

    tanyaTanya is one of the biggest beauty bloggers and vloggers in the market. Hailing from the UK, she began her career as a makeup artist with her now-fiance’s sisters (the creators of Pixiwoo, another great channel!). She began doing YouTube tutorials and now has transitioned into lifestyles videos of all kinds. Tanya has also just released a book and has her own product line of lipglosses, eyelashes and nail polishes. Tanya has a sweet and sunny demeanor that makes watching her tutorials seem like you’re sitting with a friend and swapping tips, rather than a businesswoman with millions of followers.

  2. Lex:

    maxresdefault (1) Lex, otherwise known as Tyranasauruslexxx, is not your typical beauty vlogger. She’s a sharp-witted, highly intelligent, feminist woman who just happens to have a passion for Lush. Lex is perfect to follow if you like tongue-in-cheek advice and beauty videos with a mix of other types of content. She’s basically a walking, talking Tumblr post and I adore her.

  3. Melissa Autry:

    maxresdefault Taking a swift turn from the British vloggers, Melissa is a southern belle who is definitely her own type of beauty vlogger. Her videos are super simple, not using any crazy edits or voice-overs and she is hilarious. Her southern drawl and hilarious personality make even her chatty videos entertaining. Plus, she’s a makeup artist and is brutally honest about what she does and does not like. I love her because she reviews both drugstore and high-end products so I know what is and is not worth it.

  4. Tati:

    tati Listening to Tati is kind of like meditating. She has the most soothing voice you’ll ever hear which makes her tutorials enthralling. Tati is your go-to-gal if you love a good bargain. She does tons of hauls from entire product lines from the drug store so you know exactly what to buy. She also does “madness Monday” where she shows you just what drugstores have the best deals for which products. Tati is also great for fitness tips and advice if that tickles your fancy.

  5. Zoella:

    Zoella280390I know, I know. If you follow vloggers at all, you were probably waiting for Zoella to make her appearance. She is queen of the beauty vlogger world with an audience of more than 8 million viewers, a number that is growing rapidly. She is mainly known in the beauty world for her covet-worthy hauls and routine videos along with happy music and beautiful edits that will make you want to go out and shop right now. She’s also a powerhouse who snagged a book deal, a beauty line, tons of endorsement deals and will soon be a wax figure at Madame Tussauds. If you’ve never heard of her, get out from underneath your rock!

  6. Caroline Hirons:

    hqdefaultIf you’re more of a fan of au naturale skin, this is the channel for you. Caroline is a highly-respected skin expert that many vloggers go to for the best skin advice. She went to beauty school and knows the ins and outs of what should and shouldn’t be going on your skin. The best makeup is a good base, darlings.

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