Summer’s Must Have Fashion Picks Since You Can’t Just Be Naked (Sadly)

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”

– Jane Austen

Summer arrived, and with it, we’re on track to be the hottest year on record. If you’re anything like us, when the heat’s pushing mid-to-high 90s all you want to do is sit naked in air conditioning, with nothing touching your skin whatsoever. Sadly employers, the general public, and fun suckers tend to look down on this and we’re forced to actually wear clothes. Which is probably for the best, since subway seats and bare bums just should not meet. In light of that, we picked the sweat-logged brains of our best and brightest (and most fashionable) for the summer must have fashion picks to keep them cool, and somehow put together. That way you can continue to perspire in elegance. Somehow. We cannot guarantee classy sweat.


Vanessa: Crop Tops


The 90s are back and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Although some fashion picks from that decade are best left to the past, some have become style staples. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been confident enough to wear a crop top. But now it seems silly to shy away from something so functional for the dog days of summer.


Lauren: Button-Down Denim Skirt

topshopA much chicer upgrade to the beloved frayed denim minis of the early 2000s, simple denim A-line skirts are my go-to this summer.  They’re an easy summer wardrobe staple and so versatile. I pair them with everything from basic white crop tops to boho seventies blouses.


Amy: Punny Beach Bag

beaches be crazy

Everyone knows that it’s damn hard to look good at the beach; all those Instagram babes are liars, darn it. So let your finely chosen accessories do the talking, even when you’ve melted into a puddle of sunscreen and sweat. I’ve always been a fan of a good pun, so naturally this darling beach bag is a 10/10. Plus, it’s roomy and chic!


Ella: High-Neckline Tank Top

free people

My rule of thumb for tops is that it’s all about the cut. It needs to fall upon our silhouettes perfectly, anything less only causes the risk of looking sloppy. Bonus points if the cut takes a twist on more traditional pieces of clothing. And this top does just that! I actually own this in white and it matches with every item in my closet for any mood I could be in. Want to look effortlessly chic from the bed, to the office, to even a date?! Or do you simply want a shirt that won’t stick onto your skin when the weather reeks of 90 degrees and higher? Well look no further, because this top gives you all of that with it’s flowy fit, and a neckline that is the epitome of chic with a taste of 90s nostalgia. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, this shirt literally has your back. A staple in your summer wishlist!


Kelsey: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

dolce and gabbana

I’ve always snagged a pair of cheap sunglasses and run with it, but this summer I decided to invest in a pair of sunnies that I truly adore. Our darling, Rachel, actually has a pair and rather than just stealing her’s I bought a pair of my own. I feel so Audrey while wearing them!

P.S. Make sure the lenses have UV protective coating on them.


Hillary: Shirt Dress

forever 21

Shirt dresses can get a bad rap for their somewhat unflattering cut, but let’s be honest; it’s nothing a good waist-cinching belt can’t fix if you’re not into the bohemian flowy look. They look adorable and have the breathable, light functionality that those of us facing extra-hot summers need. Shirt dresses have been staples in some summer 2015 fashion lines, and they’re so versatile. Seriously, are there any sizes, shapes, or ages that would look bad in a good old fashioned shirt dress? (Answer: no.) We can all rally around this trend and rock it with equal grace and fabulousness.


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