15 Reasons Stiles Is The Best Part Of Teen Wolf

Season 5 of “Teen Wolf” premiered this Monday, and in preparation, I bought and binge-watched seasons 1 through 4. It was hilarious. I honestly love “Teen Wolf.” It’s funny, dramatic, appropriately emotional (for a teen soap), thrilling, has great parental characters, and of course: Stiles. Stiles is not the “main” character, but I can and will argue that he is the reason I keep coming back to the show. Stiles Stilinski is played by the ever adorable Dylan O’Brien, and he is amazing. He began his journey as the sarcastic Robin to Scott’s (Tyler Posey) Batman, but he has become so much more.

Stiles Stilinski: “What? Scott, come on. I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, OK? Sarcasm is my only defense.”

Honestly if my best friend turned into a supernatural werewolf, I would want deal with it the way Stiles does: sarcasm and a bat. Here are my top reasons why Stiles is the real MVP of “Teen Wolf.”

1. He is hot

I mean, I try not to care about these things, but it can’t go unnoticed, and watching him grow from that scrawny teen to a 20-something has been a joy. It’s like he realized the secret to attractiveness is to have more hair, and it suits him very well.

2. He is funny


Seriously, the one liners from Stiles pretty much make the whole show for me, and stressful things always need a comic relief. But Stiles is more than that—his responses to other people’s stupid questions are funnier than anything he ever says.

3. He is smart

This is him taking the SATs with two hands. Plus he used chess to explain supernatural creatures to his dad. He came off in the first couple episodes as a stupid jock (who never takes the field), but we soon learn that he is so smart he’s bored.

4. He is against murder

This seems like a small thing, but really it’s the heart of who Stiles is, just a human who is trying to help his friends, his dad, and his town from all being murdered by some supernatural lizard.

5. He loves his friends

giphy (1)
I mean Scott is his bestie, but he wants to save everyone, and he does save so many like when he taught Scott to control his shift or harbored Derek when he was a fugitive.

6. And loves the girl everyone thinks is out of his league

Some people are not fans of the Stiles and Lydia (Stydia) dynamic, and I am here to tell you they are wrong. Honestly, I didn’t get Lydia for a while. Jackson was hot, but a total jerk to her then she accepted how smart she was and that she was kind of supernatural. Since then I’ve been able to see why Stiles likes her. He quietly loves her in the background, and never forces her to accept him. Even if they are only ever friends they are adorable.

7. He has game…



…even in a mental health center. When he runs into former were-coyote, Malia, at Eichen house he enlists her to help him, and gives her her first kiss (and more) while waiting for the nogitsune to come back.

8. He and his dad are adorable

I know I just said Stydia was adorable, but there is enough to go around. Stiles and his dad are so sweet. Every time Stiles brings up his mom we all get weepy for him. Sheriff Stilinski knows his son is a troublemaker and just accepts it and him. They really are adorable.

9. He and his brother (Scott) are the real wolf pack

Stiles and Scott are brothers, and Stiles has been standing next to him through every disaster and dangerous “wolves-only” fight. He’s human and very able to get hurt or killed but he doesn’t leave his best friend’s side. Their relationship is a great part of “Teen Wolf,” and their relationship off-set is beautiful too.

10. His dimples

I mean.. YES PLEASE SMILE AT ME. I’ve literally been asked/told about my dimples, and I was like, “I don’t get it. they are always there.” I get it now, and it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks mom for the dimples.

11. He is the master of sarcasm


I, like Stiles, subsist on meat and sarcasm.

12. Actually he is a master of all emotion


I mean I was pretty worried about Stiles there for a while. Before the wolf pack realized he was harboring the nogitsune he was having nightmares, sleepwalking, hallucinating, and having panic attacks. Our hearts all broke for him when he was counting out his fingers with Scott trying to realize if he was still asleep.

13. He makes a great bad guy

I get chills just thinking of Nogitsune Stiles. I mean, I get chills just thinking of Stiles, but whatever. This is one that is more Dylan O’Brien than Stiles, but you can’t deny how creepy and amazing it was to see Stiles creating chaos and destruction.

14. He always figures stuff out

He doesn’t have any supernatural abilities, but he is always unraveling the bad guys evil plans. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. He loves a good puzzle or case just like his dad, the sheriff.

15. He IS the Batman

He doesn’t have claws but he has a bat and he knows how to use it.

Stiles Stilinski is the best and Dylan O’Brien plays him brilliantly. Here’s to more Stiles and less heartbreak this season (yeah right).

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