How To Get The Jane Austen-Inspired Room Of Your Dreams

Want to live like you’re in a Jane Austen book, but can’t afford the rent on Pemberley? Living a life inspired by your favorite author doesn’t have to be filled with your gran’s doilies and musty old floral pillows. Nor do you need a large cutout of Colin Firth to stand guard by your door. (Though we aren’t judging if you do.)

Taking inspiration from your favorite author doesn’t mean an exact replication of Longbourne either. You can take pieces of the regency era, mix them with the whimsy and romance that Austen is known for, and put your own modern twist on the place. Any starter apartment can become a country cottage with wood floors, and even the creakiest of houses has the possibility to be large manor with expansive windows. It only takes a little bit of creativity to achieve a Jane Austen inspired room.


Step number one in achieving your Regency style lounge area: bright wall paper. Go for bold, floral prints that are sunny and cheery rather than old-lady. We recommend Rifle Paper Co. because honestly, you should outfit your entire life with them. If not, check out some gorgeous prints from Anthropologie.

Wall Decorations

Were gallery walls in vogue during the Regency era? Not sure. But we’re going for Jane Austen inspired rather than Jane Austen replica, so let’s go with a gallery wall, shall we? Top picks include Alice Tait’s Bath Map because it is a gorgeous and subtle nod to your favorite author. Also highly recommended is the Keep Calm And Read Jane Austen tea towel, and of course a framed picture of your main man Darcy (or Colin. Honestly, no judgement, but a framed postcard is a nice and affordable way to honor everyone’s favorite curmudgeon.)


There is only one rule when it comes to Jane Austen inspired curtains: they must be long, rustle in the wind, and provide excellent coverage when peeping out the window at passing neighbors. I recommend a lightly patterned soft gray, or go big and feminine with a ruffled window trim.

Beds and Bedding

For your bedspread, go bold! Think beautiful florals, proud peacocks, and don’t you dare worry about clashing. But if you can’t help but worry, try a muted pattern that feels like sleeping on a cloud. For your bed, pick your Austen heroine of choice: Go ornate and beautiful with a luxurious Emma bed, iron-framed and practical with a sturdy Fanny frame, or a sparse, minimal, and country chic Elinor wooden bed.


You can’t have an Austen-inspired room without a comfortable and posh sitting area. Where else would you play cards, or enrich your mind with reading, or listen to the newest gossip from your neighbors. Capitalize on space with a sweet iron table to hold your tea, and cuddle into an overstuffed floral sofa, or lay back on a pink velvet chaise.


No room can be complete without some basic accessories. The absolute must-have accessory is your new collection of Mr. Bodington’s Jane Austen classics. Curl up with a book and a good cup of tea to drink from your classy (and a little sassy) new teacup. And breathe deep to enjoy the scents of Pemblery.

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