Support “Free The Nipple” With These Fashion Statements

By Elizabeth Umbrino

The Free the Nipple campaign is a movement focused on the censorship of the female breasts; campaign director Lina Esco is on a mission to make toplessness the norm for both genders. Despite the legalization of toplessness in a number of states, women are still at risk for being charged with public indecency. Online censorship also enforces the taboos surrounding the female nipple: Facebook and Instagram prohibit any and all graphic content that pictures a woman’s areola. Scout Willis, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Miley Cyrus are just some of the celebrities known for their censorship protests.

Breast-bearing designs have walked the runways for years but recently the nipple has, quite literally, gained more exposure. In 2014, Kendall Jenner took her first steps towards supermodel-dom at the Marc Jacobs Fall show in a sheer top. Nipples were on trend at the Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows. Burberry, Erdem and Christopher Kane featured completely sheer garments with no bras or nipple coverings. If you’re not ready for transparent and sheer tops, support the campaign with these Free the Nipple fashion statements.

Calvin Klein Resort 2016

This amazing print was part of Calvin Klein’s Resort 2016 show. The design was made in collaboration with artist Alice Lancaster.


Never Fully Dressed T-Shirt

The London fashion label, Never Fully Dressed, has gained some traction with its line drawing boob T-shirt. It’s been seen on numerous fashion Instagram stars.


The Punk XX T-Shirt

This Free the Nipple shirt has been seen on many celebrities including Michelle Rodriguez, Liv Tyler, Joe Jonas, and Miley Cyrus.


Gold Boobie Necklace

Artist Francine Dressler creates liberal and sassy illustrations and apparel. Her work is known for its recurring bare breasts, large grins, and red lips.


The TaTa Top

The TaTa Top brand is on a mission to push boundaries and challenge authorities. It’s the perfect bikini top to make a statement.


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