You Haven’t Lived In 2015 Until You’ve Done These Halloween Costumes

Not sure if you have noticed from all the cotton-wool cobwebs and inflatable spiders littering your neighborhood, but Halloween is just around the corner, my friends. And of course, while pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating are perfectly fine seasonal pastimes, we all know the real meaning of Halloween in your twenties: Dressing up and dranking.

But what to wear?! Well, your good friends here at LD have got your back (duh)—here are our favorite 2015-themed costumes. *Trigger warning*: Expect much early-onset 2015 nostalgia.

Taylor Swift (plus Girl Gang)

If you’re fancying a bit of white jumpsuit action, do it guuurl. Plus, you can precociously “welcome to the stage” your Halloween-y hodgepodge of girlfriends. That’s right, all the drunk BFFs you make during the night are actually the perfect prop for your costume!

girl gang


Rick and Morty

If you’re feeling a different type of “Scwhifty” this year, then first of all: Cheers to you! The Internet has officially gone wild for this curse-word laden cartoon, so you can expect legend status for pulling this off right. Plus, whoever plays Rick has a perfect excuse for drunk hiccups.

Group costume bonus: Blue paint? Mr Meseeks! Tiny top hat? Mr Poopybutthole! The possibilities are endless.




Whether you loved or hated “Mad Max,” there’s no denying that a Furiosa costume would be badass AF. Think warpaint and leather. Warpaint and leather, guys! Also, props if you can convince a partner to be Mad Max.  Or cajole that casual supermodel friend of yours to rock a pout and a baby doll, a la Rosie HW.



Candace and Toni from “Portlandia”

Grab a wig, a bulky cardi, some feminist literature and perfect your perfect, hipster-esque drawl. Boom! Portlandia’s finest.

Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Wrick Jones, Justin Ward- Photo Credit: Augusta Quirk/IFC


Mary Berry

Dude, if you haven’t been watching GBBO this year, then you can GTFO. This is literally an excuse to eat cake all night, and gently speak of “soggy bottoms.” Add some pearlescent lipstick and the Queen’s English, and basically everyone will fawn over you because you are the most badass human on this planet.

Great British Food Revival...Mary Berry's Baked Alaska


Hillary Clinton

Ingredients: One mask, some talcum powder, a lot of hair grips, and a rockin’ pantsuit. Method: Blend Margaret Thatcher with a chinchilla, apply liberally to your attitude, and cool overnight in the shadow of your husband.

Group costume bonus: Convince your gang to go as a hoard of other presidential candidates; Trump card being, erm, Donald himself, of course.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reacts as she is introduced to speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


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pumpkin on brown wooden table

Kimmy Schmidt

Our favorite Netflix derpsicle is basically the Elsa of 2015, guys. All you need is a pair of pink pants and a seriously sunny disposition (kudos for natural red hair).

kimmy schmidt


Cool Cats from “Community”

Because “Community” is AGELESS. Everything about this costume is, dare we say… cool cool cool. All you’ll need is a leather jacket, a black shirt, black cat ears, black sunglasses, and the Jeff Winger to your Britta Perry (or vice versa!).

cool cats


Left Shark

Yes, it feels like forever ago, but Katy Perry’s Superbowl sidekick should never be forgotten. And IT’S NOT TOO LATE! You can still purchase the full Left Shark swag online. And, if you’re not fancying the price tag, a bit of blue body paint never did anyone any harm—right?

Group costume bonus: Two left sharks and a Katy Perry definitely make a right.

left shark


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