Tunes For A Rainy October Day

You know those rainy October days when the gloom feels almost comfortable? I think it’s the distinct smell and the glow of wet leaves above and below. Maybe it’s that perfect amount of chill in the air. Or maybe it’s knowing that everything slows down a bit under the gloomy haze. There’s something in the air at this time of year and I find that the only thing that rounds out those cozy rainy day vibes is a playlist.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but there are certain songs that sound even better on a cool, rainy day. It’s almost as if they were meant to be played with the sound of the rain tapping on your window. They’re the songs that sound a little moody and mellow. They’re calming and yet eerie. They’ll hum and echo through your bones. This playlist is packed with acoustic guitar, sweet piano melodies, and haunting vocals from the likes of London Grammar, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Florence & The Machine, James Vincent McMorrow, and hopefully some artists you haven’t heard of yet.

Whether you’re walking to catch your morning train or you’re staying in with an embarrassing number of fall-scented candles lit around you (as I currently am), press play and get ready to snuggle up. This is your collection of rainy October tunes.

Do you have any go-to songs for rainy fall days? Tweet us @litdarling or comment below!

“Atlas Hands” – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Speaking Of Truth” – Laleh
“Underground” – Cody Fry
“I Found” – Amber Run
“Strong” – London Grammar
“Who’s Looking Out” – Twin Forks
“Ghosts” – James Vincent McMorrow
“Chasing Cars” – The Wind and The Wave
“Dark Doo Wop” – MS MR
“Dance On Our Graves” – Paper Route
“Dorian” – Agnes Obel
“Various Storms & Saints” – Florence & The Machine
“For You” – Rae Morris
“Come To This” – Natalie Taylor
“Every Other Sunday Morning” – The Wind and The Wave
“All I Want” – Dawn Golden
“Nightcall” – London Grammar
“Cloudline” – Joseph
“Cold” – Aqualung, Lucy Schwartz
“No Rest For The Wicked” – Lykke Li
“Cavanaugh Park” – Something Corporate

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