10 Spookily Stylish Halloween Accessories

Holidays present the perfect opportunity to shamelessly break out all the themed trimmings and festive baubles. From the whimsical to the weird, Halloween is a time to don duds you normally wouldn’t, and the fun doesn’t have to be exclusive to the final night of the month. So, stay subtle or fearlessly go gaudy and make your grandma proud with standout accessories.


1. Crescent Moon Tights, $32.99

Celestial accents aren’t obviously holiday specific, but still exemplify the mystique of the season.



2. Word Bubble Earrings, $11.99

These conversation bubble studs are a quirky cute way to capture Halloween’s playful mischief.


3. Jewelry Set, $9.99

With two pairs of earrings and a ring, this creepily cute set gives you plenty of bling for your buck.


4. Moon Ring

The opulent textures of this statement ring make it an enchanting standout or a layering staple.


5. Candy Corn Earrings, $9.99

As one of one the four main food groups, these dainty candy corn studs are essential.


6. Two-Pack Necklace, $14.99

Layered or worn alone, this spooky spider set is sure to stun.

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7. Boos Shirt, $55.00

A to-the-point top.

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8. Bat Necklace, $33.00

This charming pendant is more stylish than spooky.

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9. Moon and Star Ring, $198.00

This elegant ring makes a celestial statement.


10. Cat Purse, $11.00

It isn’t Halloween without a bit of feline flair.

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