How I Finally Learned To Sculpt My Eyebrows

I am an eyebrow sculpting virgin.

There, I said it. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to my eyebrows. With my near-albino complexion, my eyebrows have always been kind of the least of my problems. They’re super blonde, so they tend to disappear on my face. No one can see them, so I never tend to worry about them being unruly. So for the most part, I’ve ignored them.

Aside from an unfortunate accident with a pore strip last year, I’ve never waxed them. An occasional tweeze seems to do the trick, but those events are few and far between. So you could say that my eyebrows are the definition of au naturale.

It’s only within the past year that I’ve started trying to sculpt my brows, fill them in, and provide some color and structure on my otherwise paper-white face. But I’ve been anything but adventurous—I’ve been using the same cheap eyebrow pencil, that I’m pretty sure I’ve been using wrong.

When we got the chance to team up with GrandeLASH-MD to check out some of their brow products, I realized that the time had come to step out of my eyebrow comfort zone. I needed to try something new.

And GrandeLASH seemed like a good place to start. The company started with a product designed to help fill out and thicken eyelashes, and their mascara has some rave reviews. It’s a solid, trustworthy product. So I figured their brow kits had to be of a similar quality.

We received their GrandeBROW serum, as well as their GrandeBROW-Fill brow filler. As someone with already thick eyebrows, I was a little hesitant to test out the GrandeBROW. The goal of the product is to help aid in the eyebrow restorative process, and promotes fuller, thicker brows in up to six to eight weeks.

I had visions of looking like Einstein, and knew I wasn’t willing to risk it. So I handed the product off to my mom. Like me, she has very light eyebrows, but hers are incredibly thin from a combination of age, over-plucking, and poor eyebrow care (sorry mom). While she set to work refilling her brows, I turned my attention to figuring out how to fill in mine.

Unlike other products I’ve come across, GrandeBrowFILL is pretty easy to use. Although it doesn’t provide the full control that an eyebrow pencil does, GrandeBrowFILL doesn’t make you feel (or look) like you took a crayon to your face.

After a few tries, I mastered the eyebrow gel applicator. They key is to apply in upward strokes, which allows you more control when shaping and building. I went with their light color, so that I wouldn’t look like a cartoon.

When they promise full brows, they really mean it. GrandeBrowFILL provides you with straight up glamour brows. These are the kind of brows that aren’t satisfied with going grocery shopping and hitting up some Netflix, so be warned. I literally made up reasons to go out of my house after doing them, because I realized I’d never have brows that look this good again. The only downside that I found is the color. If, like me, you have alabaster skin and equally light hair, the GrandeBrowFILL might be a smidge too dark. But for anyone who doesn’t glow in the sunlight, the color would be spot-on.

Meanwhile, my mother was obsessively checking her eyebrows everyday to see if they had grown at all. According to my mom, she saw some definite improvement. Especially with the aid of brow filler, her eyebrows seemed thicker and bolder than they used to be. She’s impatient to regain the eyebrows of her youth, but thus far she’s used the product for almost a month, and results are definitely evident.

While I’m not sure my boring daily routine will be enough to fulfill the glorious eyebrows I receive through GrandeBROW-Fill, it’s definitely a product that I will keep in my arsenal. It’s nice to know that I can easily achieve big, bold brows when I choose to, and GrandeBROW-Fill was definitely easier to use than any other gel I’ve encountered. If you’re curious about whether or not GrandeBROW is the answer to your solutions, you’re in luck! With the promo code GRANDE10, you can get 10% off sitewide when you order.

This post was sponsored by GrandeLashMD. All thoughts and opinions belong to the author.

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