15 Hermione Granger-Approved Sweaters

Be it dusting the rooftops and swirling through the air of the Christmas card village of Hogsmeade, or blanketing the sleepy graveyard of Godric’s Hollow, winter has a pervasive presence in the Harry Potter films that spans throughout moments of mirthful mischief, to the darkening labyrinthine pathways of adulthood. From times of celebration to periods of contemplation, no one knows the familiar comfort of a warm sweater and a good book quite like the clever heroine Hermione Granger. Her accessible bookish yet adventure-ready style is composed of fair isle pullovers, hooded zip cardigans, and cozy turtlenecks. Complete the enchanting 90s look with simple jeans and a delicate time-turner.

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1. Hooded Geo-Patterned Pullover, $29.90

Simple structure and folksy accents make for wicked winter wear.

2. Circular Fair Isle Sweater, $59.95

The vibrant contrasting colors on this sweater brighten up crisp winter whites

3. Navy Fair Isle Sweater, $37.00

Try a playful take on a classic in modern shapes and bold colors.

4. Pullover, $19.99

Dainty detailing and a simple silhouette make this pullover an instant staple.

5. Vintage Cable Cardigan, $69.99

A simple structure and warm hues make this cardi ideal for curling up or casting spells.

6. Fitted Cardigan, $161.00

Homey comfort meets sparkling style in this sequin-embellished cardi.

7. Fair Isle Sweater, $148.00

Bright neckline detailing contrasts with this soft, smoky sweater.

8. Grey Cardigan, $99.99

This simple grey zip-up appropriately features a white owl on the back.

9. Hooded Cardigan, $59.99

Simple accents make a subtle statement.

10. Mock Neck Sweater, $47.60

This geometric print is an abstract take on a comfy classic.

11. Neutral Fair Isle Sweater, $37.00

In soft snowy tones, this sweet sweater is winter-ready.

12. Baltic Fairisle Sweater, $76.80

Cast spells or simply curl up in this stylishly slouchy sweater.

13. Jacquard Knit Sweater, $34.99

In neutrals and a simple print, this sweater is simple yet chic.

14. Kimichi Blue Sweater, $79.00

Neon accents are striking against worn neutrals.

15. Geo Pattern Pullover, $148.00

A bold all-over print and an updated silhouette take a classic staple to new heights.

If you want to go all out, you can conjure the charm of Hogwarts with house scarves, $29.99

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