5 Holiday Party Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

With the holidays season about to kick off, it is time to glam up your makeup. The newest beauty trend forbids you from being predictable. So, be bold and pick out your season favourite: rich dark red lips, sparkly eyes, or natural look. The best thing about this trend is that it focuses on one feature, so it no longer takes forever to get your party-perfect look.

These are our hot picks for the holiday parties.


1. Silver Glittery Eyes

You cannot go wrong with metallic eyes this winter, regardless of your eye colour. Use a shimmery metallic shadow to get a twinkling effect and accentuate the eyes. Apply it only on the inner corners of your eyes, leaving the rest of your face clean. If you are too busy for anything more artistic, just draw a line over your lids with a silver eyeliner. Do not be afraid to pair it with shimmers, sparkles and sequins. Those of us who are more daring can add other metallic colours to the combination as well, such as old gold or bronze.


2. Burgundy Lipstick


Burgundy lipsticks are a great alternative to the iconic Russian reds. They add a touch of mystery and instant glamour to your party look. However, burgundy lips are a strong statement and you have to wear them with confidence, because all the eyes will be on you. If you do not wish to look overdone, go light on the eyes and the rest of the face. Want a pout that will make everyone envious? Do the stain effect by using your fingers to pat on the lipstick.

Get a burgundy lipstick from MAC. My favourite is the MAC Endless Dramaa deepened, semi-opaque burgundy red with a soft, frosted finish.

3. Cobalt Blue Eyeliner

Cobalt blue eyeliner probably reminds you of a tragic 80s makeup accident. You will not go unnoticed in this look, that is for sure. But if you apply it the right way, you will be pulling off some of the best catwalk looks of the season. One way to do it is to draw a single line on the inner rim of your lower lid. A bolder way is to go for the upper lid and wing the line out at the corners of your eyes. Keep your hand steady if you don’t want to go overboard with too thick a line. Remember that cobalt blue eyeliner calls for subtle and neutral lips. Lip gloss is probably a safer choice in this case than a lipstick.

My favourite choice for a blue eyeliner is the indigo blue liquid liner from Wet ‘N Wild. BeasBasics tutorial for applying blue eyeliner above.


4. Black-cherry lips

We have already mentioned that traditional red lipsticks brought a dramatic turn to this holiday season by taking a darker shade. Some of them went as dark as black. Black lips are definitely not for faint-hearted, but they are easy to wear because they go well with all complexions. Another great thing about this vampy makeup look is that it can be worn for day and night occasions. Make sure to define the border of your lips with a liner before applying the lipstick to get the most perfectly shaped lips. Dust your lids with a warm shadow to balance out the look. To avoid looking like a vampire, get some bronzer on the cheeks, too.


5. Smokey cat eyes


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The timeless and chic cat eyes have gone one jump further this time. The wing is dramatically longer and elongates the eyes in a sexy way, while the lines are blurred. The whole look is roaring with confidence. I use and recommend the Eye of Horus eyeliner I got from Alive Skin+Hair.


6. Natural & Glowing Complexionglowing

It is essential to take good care of your skin in cold winter days. Use gentle day creams that moisturize your skin. My recommendation are products from Clarins, especially the Clarins Gentle Care Day Cream I got from Peters of Kensington. After applying the day cream, use organic makeup or light and nude eyeshadow palettes.


What is your favourite holiday look? Have a wonderful holiday!

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Amy Mia GoldsmithAmy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne and an author at High Style Life. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course—shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


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