7 Beautiful Vintage Typewriters We Want For Christmas This Year

The typewriter has recently come back into the hip culture scene, as young writers everywhere are taking up the retro machine as an inspirational (and less distracting!) way to get their words on paper. Despite being rendered somewhat obsolete by the computer and the rise of email and word processors, typewriters have stood the test of time, with many models still in working condition after nearly a century.

Typewriter: The History, The Machines, The Writers  by Tony Allen chronicles the history of the metal writing tool, giving readers an inside glimpse in to the stories of the most famous brand, from Corona to Royal, explaining why QWERTY won out over other key arrangements, and discussing which authors used what kind of device.

Brimming with vintage posters and photos of writers like Ernest Hemingway and Dorothy Parker, as well as timelines of early features of key models, Typewriter answers nearly every question a reader could have about the machines.

After being inspired by Typewriter, I took to Etsy to look up what vintage typewriter models were available for purchase—and then proceeded to add each one to my Christmas list.

1. 1950s Ice Blue Royal Typewriter, ~$625

royal ice blue

2. 1970s Vendex 1000 Typewriter, ~$80


3. 1930s Adler 32 Model Typewriter, ~$115


4. 1930s Underwood Typewriter, ~$60


5. 1920s Royal Typewriter, ~$180


6. 1950s Olive Green Smith Corona Typewriter, ~$285


7. 1960s Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter, ~$240


Get Typewriter: The History, The Machines, The Writers, published by Shelter Harbor Press, for the typewriter fan in your life this holiday season.

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