A Movie Soundtrack to Your Really Dramatic Life

If you’re a drama queen (like I am) sometimes your life just needs a soundtrack. Luckily, there are tons of movie theme songs that fit just about every blown out of proportion situation that you can think of. Ten songs to rock out to whenever you need to pretend your life is in the opening or closing credits of a movie:

For When You Want to Pretend You are Chasing Dinosaurs or Making New Life Plans at 2 AM:
Jurassic Park Theme Song

For When You’re Feeling Super Romantic and Want to Wander the World:
“Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

For When You’ve Been Betrayed By Someone and Need to Feel Super Serious:
The Godfather Theme Song

For When you Want to Go Back in Time:
Back to the Future Theme Song

For Bath Time:
Theme from Jaws

For a Burst of New Energy
Star Wars Theme Song

For Times of New Discovery:
“Hedwig’s Theme” From Harry Potter

For Dramatic Grocery Shopping or When Your Sister Does Something Really Rude:
Psycho Theme

At The Gym
Theme Song from Rocky

Trying to Not Eat an Entire Bag of Chips all at Once:
Mission Impossible Theme Song

For When you’re on an Epic Life Adventure:
“The Raiders March” from the Raiders of the Lost Ark

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